Whether your business is online or offline, your marketing can prove the difference between making it or breaking it. In this guide, we’re going to take a look at a variety of tips that you can use to develop your exposure. With a little planning, they will help you stand out from your competitors and hit your targets in the right place.


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Network – a lot

Networking is your first step to getting your name out there locally and beyond. Go anywhere that other businesses will be, including trade shows, community events and business meet ups. Store openings or gallery exhibitions are two other ideas that might give you unexpected results. Take a whole pile of business cards and give them to anybody that expresses an interest in what you do. You never know where it might lead.



So you can concentrate on the important task of making money for your business, outsource when you need to. It will free up valuable time and get professional eyes on the task at hand. Research any company you are considering thoroughly. And, if it makes sense hire a company that can deal with more than one area if possible. Take a look at http://www.eforcesuccess.com. It’s a good example of a marketing company that will cover a multi-channel approach. Going with this single-pronged approach might give you a better all-round balance to your strategy.

Use more email

Email is a great way of getting in touch with your customers – past, present, and future. Keep them updated with useful information and special offers. Entice them with attention-grabbing headlines. Keep track of your open and response rates through a service like GetResponse or MailChimp. Finally, refine everything until it’s working like a well-oiled machine.

Sponsor a sports team

Head out to your local park on any given Sunday and you can guarantee that you will see dozens of sports clubs in action. And, grassroots sports clubs are always on the lookout for local businesses who can help them out with a bit of kit or some balls. It won’t be much of a financial commitment, and you get guaranteed eyes on your product or service for around 30-40 weeks of the year.

Be different

Your corporate rivals are likely to be restrained in their marketing efforts. But because you are a small business you can use this to your advantage. Be bold, be naughty, be everything they can’t be in your advertising. It will immediately lift you up away from the competition and draw people’s attention. Don’t be too concerned about everybody liking your campaign. They probably won’t. However, those that do like it will be more likely to love it. And those types of customers are precisely the kind that you need.

With any luck, some of these tips might spur you into action. It can be tough to compete against the big boys when you are a little fish, but what you have is flexibility. And that gives you a great chance to stand out. Best of luck with your marketing strategy!