For starters, what is the GAMSTOP scheme?

The Gamstop scheme is a multi-operator system directed at creating a podium to self-exclude gamblers upon request. This multi-operator scheme is developed for the online betting sector to encourage and allow betting enthusiasts to exclude themselves willingly from online gambling platforms with a one-time request rather than the traditional exclusion from different gambling operators individually.

Among a vast variety of more than 200 different online gambling operators, the Gamstop scheme has created a medium to self-exclude with ease. If we do not take into account users that use to claim no Gamstop no deposit free spins, some expected promotions from the UK operators may be unavailable even after the self-exclusion period. 

This new scheme makes it much easier for gamblers who wish to be prevented from certain online gambling platforms. If you consider what we have illustrated above, you will believe that the Gamstop scheme is one scheme with more bones than banes (even if there is any bane at all). Well, on the flip side, there seems to be an issue with the scheme. That is the purpose of this text. Follow through to get familiar with the likely problems you might face and the scenarios you should be familiar with.

Operators Refusing To Accept Players After Self-exclusion Period

Here we go! The problem that comes immediately after the exhaustion of your self-exclusion program is that gambling operators refuse to allow players to gamble in their casinos after their self-exclusion period is over.

How it happens is that, when you attempt to gain access to the same betting platform you had previously been excluded from, it happens that the operator of such a platform might continue to deny you access to gamble on their platform.

This dilemma is the situation of most punters who only opted for the Gamstop self-exclusion scheme to prevent them from playing for a specific period. They discover that they are subsequently denied this access even after their self-exclusion program has ended.

While we conducted our research for this article, we discovered that the stance of bettors who are familiar with the GAMSTOP scheme is divided on this issue. The majority of the citizens of these online casinos are not happy with the difficulty they face in this regard even after they have confirmed the exhaustion of their self-exclusion plan. Another section of betting fans feels this situation is a precautionary move to keep customers in check to sustain the responsible gambling culture.

Since there are uncertainties about this problem, it is only the right thing for us to clarify one major question that arises due to the problem.

How Long Does Gamstop Keep Players’ Data?

Check out these scenarios to stay informed:

First Scenario

As a player, once you have enrolled for the Gamstop self-exclusion scheme, Gamstop will retain and share your private data for the same period your chosen minimum exclusion duration will last. This duration includes any additions to this duration plus an extra 7 years from the time your previously chosen minimum exclusion duration expired. During this period, if any betting on telephone numbers with the GamCare service, this data will be shared with GamCare and stored for up to 30 days.

Eighth Scenario

As a client of any gambling operator that shares their data with Gamstop, and you are not registered for the self-exclusion scheme, your data will be erased as soon it does not tally with any self-excluded or formerly self-excluded customer.

In conclusion, if you are not faced with any of the above scenarios, then your data is not being retained by the Gamstop system. Hence, if you face any difficulty in gaining access to a platform you have once been self-excluded from, it is in no way due to a fault from the Gamstop system.