If you want to become a pro gamer and really want to make a career in gaming then, you must have the best gaming set up. The world-class gamers have a unique and superb gaming set up. As a PC gamer, there are many accessories that you must have in your gaming room.

Following are some essential equipment that your gaming set up must have:

A Gaming PC

It is sure that many of you already have a PC but some of you may don’t have PC. In the market, you will get PCs ranging from few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. But for the basic gaming PC, you must have $750 dollars in your bank account.

If you have a sufficient amount of money then, don’t hesitate to purchase PCs which have a price in the ballpark of the $1000. The most advanced PCs have prices between $1000 to $2000. Are you interested in DIY type PCs? Such PCs will come below $1265. You can order them from sites such as Fierce PC. Some of you may don’t have information about the DIY type PCs? These DIY PCs are nothing but the custom-built PCs.

LED Monitor

For having a superior video or image quality while playing games, a pro gamer must have a separate LED monitor. You may be amazed to know that but there are some LED monitors in the market that are specially designed for gaming.

The basic characteristic of this gaming LED monitor is that they have a low input lag. Do you know why these low input lag LED monitors are used for playing games? Such LED monitors are developed as they help while playing fast-reaction games. A good quality LED Monitor will cost you around $600.

Broadband connection

Your internet connection plays a very crucial role in your gaming set up. If you have a poor internet connection then, your gaming journey will become too difficult. So, if you have a desire to become a pro gamer then, don’t hesitate to invest in the strong broadband connection. Always prefer fiber optic broadband rather than an ADSL broadband. Following are some benefits of using the fiber optics broadband connection:

Fiber optic cable transfers the data quickly than other types of the cables. The second important advantage of the fiber optic cables is that they are kept underground. So, if there are some bad weather conditions then also, your internet connection will not disturb.

Hence, always have a fiber optics broadband connection as it is the best and will give you a blazing internet speed.  You may have to pay $70 per month to have the best fiber-optic broadband.

A Wired Controller

A pro gamer always uses a wired controller. Basically, there are two types of the controllers: a wired controller and a non-wired controller. Each of them has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. But it is highly recommended to purchase a wired controller than a non-wired controller.

The key feature of the wired controller is that it is very comfortable to hold and operate. In a non-wired controller, you will face many issues while operating it. A wired controller is also less heavy than a non-wired controller.

Following are the two things that you must consider while buying a wired controller:

  • First of all, make sure that your wired controller has a long working USB cable.
  • The second point is that check whether it has a vibration feedback.
  • So, these two things that you must take into account before making a decision to buy a wired controller.
  • You may be thinking about the price of the wired controller?.

A webcam

Some of you may have a YouTube channel or other any platform through which you show gaming to your subscribers or followers. Choose a webcam that has a large resolution and which gives a crystal clear image.

There is a great impact of using a webcam. It is the best way to entertain your audience. All the pro gamers have professional webcams. The price of the webcam is too high.

Gaming Chairs

When it comes to gaming chairs like console gaming chairs or desktop gaming chairs you always look for comfort. Right? A gaming chair gives you a comfort while sitting and playing games. It also reduces the pain in your body. Nowadays, racing-style gaming chairs have a high demand.

All the Twitch stars and YouTube gamers use classy looking gaming chairs. A gaming chair also gives a professional look to your gaming room. You can get gaming chairs from different websites at affordable prices.

Mouse & Mouse Pad

You must choose a mouse pad that is big in size. A fine mouse pad is essential for every pro-gamer. Also, choose a mouse pad that is quite broad in size.

Gaming Keyboard

The gaming keyboard is another important component of the gaming set up. A gaming keyboard is the most used component by any gamer. Unless you have an efficient keyboard, you will never become the best gamer. The keys of the keyboard must be in proper shape. Also, check whether it is working or not before buying. A branded keyboard is suggested than normal quality keyboards. Always buy a keyboard that has keys made up of fibers. If you like to play games in the low light conditions then, you must select a lightening gaming keyboard.

We talk about various accessories that you must have in your gaming set up. All the above accessories are very important and you must not neglect these to have a good gaming experience.