Who doesn’t love playing games? We all play some kinds of game on our phones or tablets. I am a big fan of mobile gaming and I love playing games on my phone and tablet.

Infect one of my friends is playing games and earning some good money. On further query he told me he has been playing Blackjack on one of those online sites and he has been earning some good money through that. This is where I got the idea of writing this post.


People around the world are fans of gaming. Not only kids but even elders love spending their time playing some sort of game on their mobiles or tablets like online casino games. I decided to compare both of these devices and see which one fits the best to be a good gaming device.

Personally, I own both phone as well as a tablet that I use to play games. I am finally going to scribble it down by comparing both the devices and we will see which one is the best when it comes to gaming.

Gaming experience – Phones vs. Tablets

Both of these devices are portable and both of them are considered good options. But one has to be superior over another in order to provide the best experience to their users, right?

This is what we are going to see in this section.

Specifications & Power

When it comes to specifications, tablets like iPad take the cup home when compared to iPhones. iPads have always been far more better when it comes to having good specifications.

Specifications are necessary when it comes to playing games as a better specification device can run games easily and in a better manner.

Screen Size & Portability

Everyone loves viewing content on a larger screen, right? Games look gorgeous on larger displays and hence tablets with bigger screen take away the prize once again.

Screen Size & Portability

Mobile phones have a smaller screen as compared to the tablets and hence the gaming experience on a phone cannot be all that good. Also, a bigger screen allows you to use the game controls in a better way.

Battery life & Uptime

The thing with tablets like iPad is that they have a bigger screen as compared to a phone. A bigger screen obviously uses more battery so if the game uses most of the resources on a tablet along with the screen, you can imagine that the battery usage on the tablets is much more.

But this is not the case with every tablet. Some tablets are really well optimized when it comes to battery.


All in all I find tablets the better devices to play games on. Even though phones are much more portable and have a better battery backup, the tablets just provide a better screen and better specifications to play your games on.

Games also look better on tablets and the bigger screen will help you enjoy the game in a much more immersive way.