While some applications of the blockchain technology are being used today, others are still under development; most of the information remains either unknown or largely misunderstood. Here are some of the futuristic blockchain PR tactics that actually work.

Simplify the jargon

Today, when people are having normal discussions touching on the internet, they talk about things like email and Facebook. Basically, they are comfortable as long as it doesn’t involve the technicalities involved with these platforms.

The average Joe isn’t interested in the protocols and security layers of the tech, therefore there is an urgent need to shed off all those clever words and embark on passing the essential and palatable information in your startup.

Differentiation of Blockchain PR from the black markets

Being a new innovation, blockchain can be easily seen to be synonymous with other related technologies like the Bitcoin. In the past, Bitcoin has been victim to occasional mishaps and blockchain PR must rise up and stand in the position of a safe and sound technology that is here to offer foolproof services.

To get started, take some time to study your market and pay special attention to the journalists covering the market. Track both positive and negative feedback that is going round in the news circles and figure out how you can incorporate this feedback into your PR strategy. It’s also good to create good relationships with positive reporters and at the same time try to educate the reporters who may be showing a negative attitude towards blockchain.

Take advantage of education and collaboration

Since blockchain technology is a relatively new innovation, one of the major challenges facing this industry is education. People are yet to embrace this technology as a safe and secure platform and this is where massive outreach is required.

It’s important to understand that the road might be rough but you should forge ahead with determination even when the Proof of Concept is not forthcoming. You also need to work on your understanding of the industry as it evolves if you are going to pass on any beneficial and influential information in blockchain PR. This also calls for constant collaboration with other players in the industry who are in a position to gather advanced and current information on the sector.

Establish a strong web presence

To unlock the full benefits of organic search and SEO, you need to focus your efforts on making major publications, keywords as well as contacts. If you’ve worked with online publishing, you probably know that it only takes few blog posts and mentions in the right places to emerge from oblivion and rank on the first page on Google.

When you use backlinks on your blog posts, always make sure that they are taking your audience on something they’ll enjoy to read. In addition, you have to build your website in a way that reflects the innovation and creativity behind your business model if you want to promote positive blockchain PR.


With every new technology, there is a tug of war for public reception. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone will oppose the innovation and some people might like the idea from the time it’s introduced in the market. You can use the ideas discussed above to boost your PR efforts but if you wish to learn more, feel free to click here.