Cybersecurity standards (CSSs) are techniques that are aimed at preserving the cyberspace of an individual or an entity. Since casinos mostly work online, the likelihood of fraud is constant. Today we observe denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, hacking computer programs, and mail fraud. Cybersecurity is a real problem for casino owners that outweighs the safety of offline gambling houses. With multiple options to hijack digital systems, casinos have to become many initiatives to keep their platforms safe. As for the developing Internet of things (IoT), hackers can manage speech recognition engines (e.g., Siri, Alexa) remotely. These can give the hackers a bridgehead into your private or corporate computer system. Knowledgeable individuals and entities undertake preventative measures.

The Story Inside IoT Transforming the Online Free Slots Industry

Likewise, the IoT, great annual growth can be observed in the Internet gaming sector with the spread of high-velocity Internet and human-computer interaction. Although chargeless games differ from standard Internet platforms, are the most profitable products on app marketplaces. They differ due to in-app purchasing and virtual money to attract punters and increase profit.

by Olia Gozha

The IoT can fundamentally change Internet gaming in 2 ways:

  • By cutting the physical space between the gaming platform and an individual

By monitoring and examining specific data, the platforms can discover eventually how punters act in games. Likewise, casinos can explore punters’ expressions through physiognomy, conversation, or body movements; smartphones have many methods to estimate punters’ contentment while he is playing. However, mobile platforms should poise the gathering of data and punter secrecy. When an individual enters a casino, all parties realize that the gambler will be observed during his stay. IoT lets the play area move from the casino’s possession to the punter’s residence.

  • By uniting the platforms with offline gambling houses

It concerns all platforms that have a single punter tracking system. IoT devices provide casinos and gaming dealers with more instruments to interact with gamblers. The privilege of holding pokies and playing simplifies coming back to the gambling house without taking a ride. Besides, it enables casino owners to interact with punters differently – openly using polls and less using a gathering of data. Now gamblers can proceed with playing everywhere and anytime and check casinos via review sites such as askgamblers,,, and others. The main advantage of mobile gaming is that it gives a background for punters that is safe, handy, and always available.

The IoT differs from a conventional computer network. You will face uncommon safety, performance, and user-friendliness issues that are not obvious at the outset. Relevant expertise is essential for building an IoT gadget or app. Your digital footprint comprises all paths of your actions on the Internet, involving your comments online, and payment reports. If you understand its borders and try to contain your digital footprint, you have a chance to save your identity as well as status.

What Is Your Digital Footprint?

A digital footprint is an individual’s and his/her entity’s existence in the cyber environment. Most people’s assets emerge, alter, and get exposed to vulnerabilities in the environment, usually behind their backs. Scammers monitoring computer activity will discover unspecified, vulnerable, and unsupervised staff members’ assets or other irreplaceable workers to manipulate. Modern IoT implies extremely social people so that all necessary data about them is obtainable. With in-depth analysis and sufficient time, an entity and its best employees risk becoming victims. Since the information becomes more available, we should use a holistic approach to cut the space between the internal and external worlds of cybersecurity. Also, the ISO/IEC 27001 CSS can be applied here. This standard defines a management system designed to establish clear management control over information safety. Modern online casinos are concerned about the protection of your data. The regulations of the slot games are not strict. Although each vending machine is unique and inimitable, the primary mechanics do not differ. The punter selects the bet amount, the line quantity, and clicks on the spin. As the reels end spinning, a mix of symbols emerges on a panel of a machine. When you choose the right combination, you win the game.

by Karla Rodríguez Rocha

Think Before Clicking

Phishing happens when a scammer sends counterfeit mail asking you for some confidential details. Be safe by escaping unreclaimed files since they might comprise viruses. Ensure not to reply to emails asking for personal information (e.g., passcode, pin code, bank card figures). You should not send such items via the Internet if you have not encoded them. Review whether the email address fits the company or a person. If it does not, most likely, it is not valid. The ISO/IEC 27001 CSS can be applied here. It is the international standard that estimates the tangibility of objectives of ISO controls. Online casinos are reliable, so you will not face phishing here. You can use free vending machines for physical currency and fun. As many free slots online look bright and attractive, punters avow that they use slots online free rather than for physical money. Also, players regard free slot games captivating, although there is no money involved.

by Gal Shir for Lemonade

Two-Factor Authentication

Undercutting all Internet fraud is not a practical objective, but primary measures can minimize the risk you will suffer. You have to always use two-factor authentication, mainly in regards to your private information (e.g., bank account details, health records). Although some companies insist on using two-factor authentication, most propose it as an additional opportunity that you can enable. Anyway, you have to be proactive so that two-factor authentication is on. The ISO/IEC 27001 CSS can be applied here. It’s innovative use case assists enterprises in regulating their information safety by dealing with individuals and processes. Online casinos care about the security of your data. Recently, there appeared varieties of slot machines, so presently, players take pleasure from many free slots online. Although they have similar functionality, different testing devices are worthwhile. For example, you need no download, no registration to play free online casino video slots. The same with no deposit type of slot machines where you do not need money to play.

by Yasir Eryilmaz

Phishing Scams

It emerges as a piece of former discussion via email that is restored to life. Such mail pops up with the catchy title and topic you discussed with an interlocutor earlier. It will comprise a reference that a scammer expects you to follow as the initial discussion was real. Take time on pausing and reading before you follow the link you have received. The hacker expects you to read the ordinary mail and skip any other nuances. Indeed, the reference never matches the original message, and if you examine, you will have a chance to escape phishing scams. However, you can outwit phishing with the ISO/IEC 27701 CSS. Many standards are included in this CSS’s class. Adopting them lets enterprises of any size regulate the safety of their possessions. New online casinos are taking steps to protect sensitive information. Besides, they give welcome bonuses (e.g., free spins) to the last joined punters that increase their engagement in gambling.

by Aleksandar Savic

Always Update

As the operating system (OS) controls the set of functions on the computer, it can become a soft target for scammers. OSs have multiple embedded features to avoid hacks. The trick with cybersecurity threats is that they are always altering. For this, OS providers annually propose users to update their OSs to keep abreast of modifying threats. Otherwise, you risk becoming exposed to sacrificing the information on your device and put access to your profiles under threat. So, by regularly updating your software, you prevent scammers from stealing your data and money. The ISO 15408 CSS can be applied here. Such a standard enables multiple software and hardware developments to be put together and deployed safely. You can play the better half of the games using the browser. If you opt for gambling using your mobile device, you can enter the game through the desktop of your smartphone. Unlike free slots online, you would have to install these games on your mobile device. For example, you can access the demonstration versions of Vegas slots on the Internet.


Lessons Learned in IoT Cybersecurity

As everything from an individual to a slot machine is the technology that cybercriminals can hack, the positions of companies should adjust. Internet safety exceeds transparent threats; casinos can not ensure the security and clarity of their product. For this, auditing firms are demanded as they seem quite persuasive. Scammers never rest, and Internet casinos should remain vigilant and not save money on cybersecurity. Internet gaming is becoming globally widespread. Modern gamblers are playing multiple games that are mainly developed by European specialists. Likewise, in all types of entertainment, online gaming has its legends too. Players have a vast choice of games (e.g., Cleopatra, Wheel of Fortune, Queen of the Nile) that guarantee taking pleasure.