The betting industry is certainly a field of interest to myriads of people, especially those who love sports and gambling. It is an undeniable fact that it is growing rapidly, with new bookmakers entering the market every year. Considering how big and popular the online betting industry is, it is not surprising that there are many curious things that might interest many of our readers. In the following text, you will find four interesting facts related to this particular industry. We recommend that you read all of them, as some may help you out in your online wagering journey.

Top Two Sports People Love to Bet On

Depending on the betting site of your choice, you will find numerous sports disciplines to bet on. However, there are two sports that are considered the most preferred options among active punters. These are football and horse racing. We assume that most of you are familiar with both of these, as they are, without a doubt, super prominent. According to statistics, 77% of online bets from 2022 were placed on football and more than 20% on horse racing.

Some of the reasons why players on Betting Sites New Zealand and other platforms around the globe like to bet on these markets are the good odds and the variety of betting types they can choose from. And because these two sports are so widespread, it’s also quite easy to find information on what to look for when placing your stakes. Like millions of people all over the world, Product Owner Tony Stoterman is a big fan of football, as well.

Is There A Strategy That Will Guarantee A Win?

Fans of casino games are constantly on the lookout for successful strategies with which they can win. The same applies to sports bettors, as well. Sadly, it has been confirmed that, at present, there is no strategy that can guarantee a win. The only thing a bettor can do before laying stakes is to familiarise himself with the respective sport, the participating teams, the players, and the specifics of the bet types in question. At the end of the day, everything depends on the final result, and no one can tell you how it will turn out.

Myriads of Active Bettors

According to the latest data provided by experts, more than 20% of the population around the globe have gambled at least once in their lives. The majority of these gamblers are men, which probably won’t come as a surprise. As mentioned above, football and horse racing are the two most preferred options. However, there are many other sports that receive a ton of attention from players, including tennis, MMA, boxing, baseball, basketball, and volleyball. Many online bookmakers present customers with the opportunity to bet on many non-traditional disciplines, such as Gaelic hurling, darts, and lacrosse.

ESports Are Just as Popular as Traditional Sports

If you are a gamer, you have certainly heard of eSports. Gaming enthusiasts can put their money on their favorite League of Legends, CS: Go, and DOTA teams and players. ESports or electronic sports are now so well known that they can be found on 90% of the accessible online sports betting websites. The odds are usually quite decent, and the number of markets is impressive. 

Video game competitions take place all the time, which means that you will be able to lay bets at any time. The most popular options include LOL, DOTA, Starcraft, CS: GO, and Fortnite. As for tournaments, the ones that attract the most attention are definitely the League of Legends Worlds Championships, The International, and the ESL Intel Extreme Masters.