With the App Store flooding with tons of downloaders claiming to offer you some of the best features, you end up download them and to your disappointment most of them are just have poor interface are filled with tons of advertisements. Keeping this in mind, we looked for a reliable and efficient downloader that MAC users can download and get a seamless downloading experience as they browse through the internet. 

FOLX  is what we are going to recommend to our readers, an amazing and powerful downloader tha is basically designed for MAC users catering to all their needs by providing a seamless interface and multiple downloading options. Moreover, in case you need some help with Torrent files, then you can also use Transmission for Mac along with FOLX 5 for the best experience. 

In this review, we are going to take a look at all the features and options that are offered by  FOLX 5 and how useful they are for an average user. 


FOLX 5 is a completely free download manager that is specifically designed for macOS offering a true Mac-style interface to the users and is fully compatible with macOS Catalina. With convenient and multiple downloading options and flexible settings, FOLX is perfect software for all the MAC users. Additionally, with its unique sorting and storage system, the management of the files that you download is really easy and convenient. 

Different Features Offered By FOLX

With FOLX you get different powerful features that you can control and customize with the help of the intuitive interface that is offered by the tool. Here are some of the unique features that are offered by FOLX. 

1. Smart Downloading 

Unline most of the free downloaders that offer you slow and simple download features, with FOLX you now have the option of splitting the file that you are downloading into two parts thereby increasing the overall downloading speed and decreasing the download time. Along with that, FOLX can automatically detect and resume your interrupted downloads and provides you with multiple downloading options. 

2. Smart Tagging System 

Users can also add single or multiple tags to the files that they download. This allows users to sorts their files really easily and move them on their MAC effortlessly. Additionally, as you click on the tags you get to see all the downloaded files with the same tag allowing you to easily locate the file that they are looking for. 

3. Browser Friendly

As mentioned earlier FOLX is specially designed for MAC users making it compatible with the different browsers that are supported by your MAC. The browser extension that you get also make it more convenient for the users to use the software as well.
Besides that FOLX also supports proxy downloads making it easier for users to access the content that is not available on their server. 

These are the features that all the users get with FOLX, however, subscribing to the PRO version of the software unlocks several other features such as:

4. Speed Control

With the automatic speed control, FOLX will automatically limit the speed of your download so that any other application that you use won’t suffer and you get a seamless browsing experience. 

5. Scheduling Downloads

In the PRO version, the option of scheduling your downloads in one of the coolest features that we come across. With this, you can easily schedule your big downloads and FOLX will take of that for you. 

6. Music Integration And Youtube Downloader

As FOLX is compatible with MAC, users can customize their music and video downloads and directly transfer them to Music on their MAC. Thereafter, the files will be allocated automatically according to the tags and their genres. 

Similarly, FOLX can be also used for downloading YouTube videos on your MAC. While downloading any Youtube video users can easily convert it into MP3 files as well. The different downloading options also allow users to choose the quality of the video files. 

7. Password Manager

Lastly, while downloading password protected files can be quite a time consuming process as you need to enter the password every time you download the same file. However, with FOLX you can save such passwords allowing you to download those files without entering the password, again and again, saving you a lot of time. 

Torrent Search With FOLX

As you subscribe to the PRO version of FOLX, you get an amazing Torrent finder tool as well. This makes sure that you get the torrent files that you are looking for with ease. You just have to follow 2 simple steps for that. 

Step 1:

You enter the keyword in FOLX and the interface will automatically search for all the relevant torrent files that you can choose from. 

Step 2:

Once you are ready with your torrent files, you can easily download it there. 


FOLX is without a doubt one of the best MAC downloaders that we came across. The unique and powerful features combined with an easy interface makes FOLX a really great choice for people that are looking for a versatile yet easy to use MAC downloader.