Is the Flixtor website not up and running?

Have you been wondering if there are any good Flixtor alternatives out there? Well, we have them all right here.

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Editor’s Pick – 5 Best Flixtor Alternatives 

  1. Project Free TV – Born with the objective of allowing users to stream famous TV shows free of cost, it now features a lot of movies too. 
  2. Ifvod – Site which features Asian movies and TV shows completely free of cost. 
  3. Pubfilm – Extremely popular and free movie streaming site known for its extensive library and stream quality. 
  4. Bflix – Much more than a streaming site; it is also a place where you can keep track of your favorite movies and TV shows.
  5. Couchtuner – Hosts a marvelous collection of movies and TV shows which will make sure that you do not get off that couch of yours.

What is Flixtor?

Flixtor is a famous movie streaming site that is completely free. It has TV shows too. It is different from other streaming sites in its revenue model. 

Since it depends on contributions from premium members, there are no ads on the platform. Add to this the fact that you can also download some of your most liked content, and you know why Flixtor is so popular. 

Is Flixtor Down or Still Working in 2023?

It is no surprise that Flixtor’s website is not always accessible. The violation of copyright laws in many countries makes it difficult for sites like these to remain committed to a single domain name. While Flixtor went offline for a while in 2018, it was active until recently, when it stopped working again. 

Flixtor – 100% Working Alternatives {2023 Updated}

1. Project Free TV

Project Free TV

Staying true to its name, Project Free TV was born with the objective of allowing users to stream famous TV shows free of cost. Over time, it has evolved into a site that also features a lot of movies.

One of the most important features of Project Free TV is its recommendations algorithm which will make sure that you never stop watching content online. The stream quality and exhaustive library make it a must-try. 

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2. Solar Movies


If having access to a huge library of free movies online is important to you, then you must check out Solar Movies. In the world of streaming movies, Solar Movies are like the sun – a constant and reliable source of energy (read entertainment). 

The USP of Solar Movies is that you can not only watch movies in HD quality but also enjoy them with subtitles in a language of your choice. 

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3. Ifvod


If you look at any list of streaming sites, there will hardly be one which has a site dedicated to Asian content. Ifvod is a free streaming site where anyone can enjoy free movies and TV shows in Asian languages. Considering the wide spread of smartphones across Asia, this platform is also available as an app on Android OS.

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4. Losmovies


After Solar Movies, if there is one site that is known for its extensive movie collection, it is Losmovies. Be it action, comedy, horror or romance, you will find free movies across genres online on this platform.

A minor hiccup that you might face while accessing Losmovies is with respect to a flash player (which is required for you to stream on the site). The absence of any ads, however, makes up for this.
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5. Pubfilm


Pubfilms is a popular and free movie streaming site in the US, Pubfilm has always ensured that movie lovers have something or the other to enjoy. However, in the past couple of years, it has run into trouble with respect to copyright issues.

When the site is up and running, there are no two ways about its library and stream quality. From the most popular titles to the ones loved by critics, it has everything that a movie lover wants.
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6. 1movieshd


When it comes to Flixtor alternatives, 1movieshd is considered the perfect fit. This is because of two reasons. First, it has a really good collection of movies and Tv shows online. Second, there is no necessity for you to sign up on the website and/or provide any personal details to watch any content. Searching for your favorite movie is also a breeze.

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7. Cucirca


Like Project Free TV, Cucirca is also a site famous for the TV shows it hosts. The movie collection is not bad, either. In fact, there are some movies that you may not find anywhere else but will be easily available on Cucirca. This makes it likable in a certain niche audience. 

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8. Bflix



Bflix is much more than a streaming site; it is also a place where you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows. It not only allows you to stream content online but also keeps you informed about new listings in theaters near you. At the same time, searching for movies and shows on the bflix app is easier than ever.

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9. Rainierland  


No, we are not trying to lure you into watching TV shows by including Rainierland on this list, but the fact is that so many sites streaming TV shows have added movies to their collection. In fact, the top IMDB movies can easily be found on Rainierland as it is no longer restricted to TV shows. It has a very simple website which does the job very well.

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10. Yesmovies


If you take a look at Yesmovies just once, you will forget about flixtor the next moment. This is because Yesmovies features a good online movie collection for free streaming. Further, its efficient search engine churns out results in a matter of seconds.

The reduced number of ads on Yesmovies makes your streaming experience a pleasant one. Apart from movies, you can also stream the most popular TV shows online. 

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11. TubiTV 


Based out of California, US, TubiTV is a popular OTT platform owned by Fox Corporation. However, it features ads, and the quality of content available on the service more than makes up for it. With over 30 million active users, it has clearly ranked up in this list in no time.

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12. Afdah


There are very few sites that actually update their library on a frequent basis. Afdah is one of them. The only requirement for you to use afdah is a working internet connection. Apart from streaming content online, you can also download them to watch them later on. This service is offered by many sites, but the quality which you get on afdah is not matched by any other platform that we know of. 

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13. The Watch Series


The simplicity of The Watch Series is what makes it so popular. On this site, you can catch up latest movies and most popular TV shows. While it is completely free for users, it offers a database as large as most sites listed here. As an added bonus, you can also access content in HD quality on The Watch Series.

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14. Vumoo


No longer do you need to pay to watch free movies online in the convenience of your home. With Vumoo, not only do you get to watch movies and TV shows for free, but you are also not required to register or sign up on the website.

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15. Einthusan


Like Ifvod, Einthusan is another site that offers free streaming content from the Asian subcontinent (South Asia, to be precise). Even with South Asia, movies from India have been a treat to watch for the global audience. While not all the content is owned by Einthusan, it has thousands of titles that are legally licensed. The number of languages in which the content is hosted is close to ten. 

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16. Couchtuner


Like Solar Movies, Couchtuner has a marvelous collection of movies and TV shows which will make sure that you do not get off that couch of yours. Its library is not one that is constant for a long time; regular updates keep the churn ratio high. A powerful search engine saves a lot of time that users would otherwise spend looking for their choice of movie. 

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17. Hurawatch


The number of streaming platforms which purportedly host HD content is large. But Hurawatch is a safe and reliable movie streaming site if you have eyes only for the best HD-quality movies and TV shows. A great alternative to Flixtor, Hurawatch also allows you to download HD content. There are certain movie titles that are promoted by the owners of the site, but it is a small price to pay for ad-free high, quality content. 

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18. Putlocker 


While many users prefer to decide on a movie first and then go looking for a site that hosts it, there are an equal number of people who like to go by recommendations or categories. Apparently, is a free movie streaming site for both of these kinds of people.

Content on the platform is neatly categorized not just by genre but also by IMDB ratings. This makes it possible for movie buffs to come in touch with new kinds of movies. Did we forget to mention that in your streaming experience on Putlocker, you will not find any ads at all?
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19. MyFlixer


Like Flixter, MyFlixer is a site that allows you to stream and download movies and TV shows online for free. While the content on the platform is not owned by it, it does have a good catalog of movies and web series. Since there are a lot of pop-up ads, it is recommended that you use both VPN and an ad-blocker.

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20. Coke and Popcorn


With a massive fan following, Coke and Popcorn has literally streamed into the world of online platforms that let users stream movies and TV shows for free. As a matter of fact, it hosts tons of Indian web series which are difficult to find online. In terms of its library and streaming experience, it is on par with the best in the industry.

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21. FMovies


It would be amiss if we did not mention FMovies in this list because it is the only alternative to Flixtor, which hosts over 20,000 movies and close to 5,000 TV shows. The best part is that FMovies is not all about numbers alone; the library has content for everyone. 

Some users recommend using FMovies when they are not really sure what you are looking for. In such times, the huge library of FMovies will come to your rescue, and you will be watching a movie online in just a few seconds. 

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22. Soap2day


Popular streaming sites have to offer much more than just movies. Some offer TV shows, while Soap2days goes the extra mile and offers music too. Isn’t it great when all your entertainment needs – movies, TV shows and music – get met on a single platform?

The only issues that people have reported with Soap2day are the presence of pop-up ads and site downtime.

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Flixtor – FAQs

  • What Happened to Flixtor?

As is the case with so many movie streaming sites, the website of Flixtor is not accessible. This is largely a result of the copyright violations on the site. 

  • Is Flixtor Legal?

Flixtor is a free streaming site. While free streaming is not illegal in most jurisdictions, streaming copyrighted content without permission is.

  • Is Flixtor Safe?

Yes, Flixtor is a relatively safer website to stream movies online. However, you must be wary of many other sites using the same domain name but are instead full of malware. 

  • Which VPN should I use for Flixtor?

Using a VPN is a must at the time of using free streaming sites. If you are looking for some VPN service providers for Flixtor, you can try ExpressVPN or NordVPN. 

  • Are there any other sites like Flixtor?

You bet there are. To name a few, you can check out cucirca, Vumoo, Afdah, 1movieshd and Hurawatch.