P2E (Play-to earn) games are one of the newest and most exciting additions to the world of NFTs as a whole. The idea of simply having fun with a game and earning something valuable on the side is a childhood dream for most. Now, Flightless Studio is making that dream come true. 

Their NFT collection, Monster Racing League, is coming in hot this Friday the 24th of June, and is set to shake the foundations of the NFT community. This will be followed by a final wave of 5000 containers ready for the game release in Q3 2022. Flightless Studio has a lot they want to achieve with this NFT game, so let’s map it out. 

Fun always comes first

While Monster Racing League is a P2E game at heart, the intention of the game is not purely financial. In fact, money takes a backseat to one other thing: fun. 

For a game to be successful, it has to be fun and enjoyable for as many people as possible. This is the vision of Flightless Studio and its publisher, Phat Loot Studio

Fun for the community will always be the primary concern, whereas DeFi functionality is simply a cherry on the top for anyone who wants to take it a step further. 

It is also an excellent opportunity to really begin integrating NFTs into people’s everyday lives more. The game can be played for free while not owning a single Monster Racing League NFT. However, you won’t be able to earn anything without one. 

The demo game is already available now, so if you want to experience this for yourself, it is absolutely possible. 

An NFT with many layers

Monster Racing League as an NFT has plenty to offer for its holders. The total supply is 10000 but only 5000 of the monster containers will be released to the public beginning Friday the 24th of June. 

The NFT exists on two different blockchains: Ethereum and Polygon. Ethereum is simply for people purely interested in holding it. Polygon is for those who want to play the game as it has the functionality that allows the game to work. 

The monsters themselves are the main NFTs of this project, but there are other NFTs and tokens associated with it. By acquiring a Monster Racing League container, you have the opportunity to get up to 6 NFTs. 

These NFTs include a guaranteed monster where 8 of them are legendary monsters. You can also receive vehicle cosmetics with a chance of 95 epics or 5 legendaries. Other than that, you can also receive 1-2 tribe abilities, a booster pack of 20, 50, or 100 cards, and then there is a chance for a passive earning racing track. 

There are only 20 of these tracks, and they provide massive utility to their holders. These are the tracks the game is played on, and every time somebody uses the track for a race, the owner receives a reward. 

The origin monsters also have the benefit of being able to integrate supported VX/3D rigged collections. What this means is that you can put other NFT projects into the game. Highly flexible.

Finally, this NFT project also allows for breeding. If you have two Monster Racing League NFTs, you can breed them and receive a brand new one! The new NFT will have a combination of its parents’ traits and a random one on top of that. 

The future and beyond

The current step of Flightless’ plan is to launch the full NFT game at the end of Q3 2022 for everybody to enjoy. But what can we expect from this project in the future?

In the last quarter of 2022, we can look forward to special tournaments and events where the rewards for participants and winners will be higher than ever before. 

2023 seeks to expand the game dramatically by adding new tracks, abilities, boost cards, cosmetics, and of course much more. 

It is safe to say, there is plenty to look forward to. Monster Racing League is firing up on the track, and we’re ready to witness the show.