PC problems are very common among these days and dealing with the same could sometime make you annoyed and hopeless. This could involve inaccessibility of your important documents or the whole system. At times, internal hard disk drive of the PC become unstable or logically damaged, which is among the top reason behind such PC problems  such as system error, formatting issues, damaged system partition, corrupt registries etc.

Common types of hard disk related error messages

Disk problems may arise due to of various reasons and finding the right one make you traveled half of the way. Your system may become inaccessible or unbootable and prevents you to access stored files and folders. As said earlier, disk problems may happen because of booting code, corrupt system files or failing hard drive equipment’s. Below are the common type of hard disk related error messages you’ll see once the hard drive starts failing or going through some serious problems:

Error: Redundancy Check (C)

Drive error reading

I/O Error

NTLDR is missing

Writing error


How to resolve or fix error messages

To fix those error messages, you’ll need to go through series of steps and need some tools. Below are the some common steps which you should perform at first.

Note: If the error is not logical or you have to deal with serious corruptions to access your PC or get back data, you cannot fix it manually. Instead, third party corrupt partition repair tool is recommended which can repair the corrupt partitions and makes track of recovering your files easily.

  1. The very first step towards fixing error messages related to hard disk is to unplug SATA cable from motherboard. Check and make sure that everything is untouched/non-damaged and working properly.
  2. If that’s not the case, consider using inbuilt system repair utilities such as Startup repair, system recovery options, system restore etc. Keep in mind that you’ll need a Windows installation or recovery disk. I’d better recommend you keep them handy in advance to make yourself always prepared for such situations in advance.You can also use CHKDSK utility, one of the most recommend method of fixing most of the hard disk related error messages.
  3. If the problem still persists or nothing has helped so far, consider checking your system for malware/virus infections. Sometime the virus or malware damage/alter system registries and make bootable information unavailable.

Keep in mind that all kind of problem cannot be addressed manually, such as file recovery from formatted, inaccessible or repartitioned hard drive. You’ll need to take help of professional recovery tools that treats drive carefully and make it ready to recover all your important files within a fractions of second.

Hetman partition recovery is well known and most powerful recovery tool, equipped with all the technologies to effectively scan the problem hard drive and regain your files. It can retrieve files from range of storage devices including external hard drive, memory card, flash drive, solid state device etc. It supports recovery from latest OS including Windows 8/ 8.1 (ready for Windows 10 Technical Preview) as well as the file system including FAT, NTFS, NTFS5 etc.


Software Interface and basic functions

Hetman software offers wizard based interface and easy steps for recovery against whatever situations of data loss. You can dig deeper and introduce yourself more about this tool using the video attached below:




This tool offers comprehensive range of recovery methods to help you restore files through easiest possible way. Introduce yourself with some major recovery techniques that can help you in majority:

Deleted File Recovery: Accidentally lost some of your important files or cannot able to locate files you badly need?? This option is capable to trace all the files with deleted entries on any storage device, be it USB, Flash Drive, hard disk drive etc. It’ll start scanning the targeted drive and make preview available for free so you can see it and make sure you are on the right track.


Recover files from formatted Disk: Want to recover data from repartitioned, lost, formatted or deleted volumes? Don’t panic as this utility is capable to repair corrupt partition structure and make it available as soon as you want it.



Data recovery from failed or inaccessible computers: Data stored on the system that is no longer accessible or cannot be accessed? Just remove and plug your problem internal hard drive on another computer and make use of portable version of Hetman Partition Recovery Software.




Not all type of files can be recovered or data recovery software cannot assure 100% recovery of lost, deleted or formatted files. However, Hetman partition recovery deliver maximum possible recovery results and make your files completely accessible as before. Definitely recommended and must have utility.