Sometimes it feels as though you have done all the hard work when you have got your business from that tiny spark of an idea to a live launch. So much blood, sweat, and tears have been invested to this point from coming up with your trading name, securing finance, working out where to work from, and getting your website online. The reality is that what you have done is made the first step. Undoubtedly, a massive step but the next huge hurdle is how to remain relevant and not slide into obscurity. This is particularly obvious if your business is an online one but even a physical brick-and-mortar business needs to keep refreshing itself to ensure that it attracts new customers and keeps existing ones coming back. 

Your website is your friend in this task, and you can follow these simple steps to keep it up to date and refreshed.

Email addresses

Remember to collect your customers’ email addresses and get their permission to be contactable so that you can ensure they are aware of everything that is happening in your business, and you can keep them informed of new products or offers you are running. Using email marketing tools like Mail Chimp or Sender will make this process much more streamlined.

Social Media

Whatever software was used to build your website, you need to ensure that it is dynamic and there are reasons for people to come and visit repeatedly. One of the easiest things you can do is embed your social media feeds on your home page. This can be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tiktok – or a mix of all four. Then anything that you post on the social media platform will automatically update your website. This can be photos, videos, comments, or surveys. Remember that unless you pin a post on your social media profile it will disappear. However, this gives your website a live news feed without you having to do anything. 

Remember to update your galleries with all those great shots and videos you have been taking for social media. As they say, a picture tells a thousand words. Once you have updated your galleries don’t be afraid to link them back to your social media, people might have missed them the first time around. 


The blog element of your website is your opportunity to curate your story and, while it is more work than simply updating your social media status, it is more permanent and offers you more space to get across your story. In a circular economy kind of way, you can also link to your blog on your social media. Your blog can talk about new products and offers that you have in the pipeline. Make a point of doing a regular blog so your followers are looking out for your insights.

Update your inventory offers

Whether you are selling products or services you can keep your website alive by adding new products or creating value-added offers. People like to be offered something new. A great example of this is how online casino sites work. They are always rebranding and reinventing their games to be able to offer their excitement with top new slots and games. Remember to communicate your offers to your email marketing list and to promote them on social media.

Guest posts

It’s a great idea to try and team up with other businesses with whom you can work to help cross-promote each other. An easy way to do this is for you to approach complementary brands and ask them if they want to do a guest post on your site. They can link to their site from the post, and you can benefit from traffic from their customers. It is also a great idea for you to create a post on their site with a link back to yours. And remember, to link from the posts on your social media account and attract new followers while making sure your existing ones keep hearing your news.