In this age of constant communication and digital enablement, technology is in a state of constant advancement. As this happens we find ourselves adapting in order to take advantage, particularly when these new development are particularly beneficial to business or project management, such as cloud computing However, these improvements to technology have had a notable impact on the way the businesses are run, from front-facing client service to the executive side of things. Here are five huge ways in which business has changed following significant tech developments and the overall growth of the tech industry.

1. Rise of the Freelancer


When a business grows, more resources are needed in order to cope. However, it’s not always viable to expand immediately, and in some cases it’s simply not practical. As a result, there has been a significant increase in businesses looking to employ freelancers, so work can be undertaken on a casual basis as and when it is available. This increased demand has led to a shift in the work environment, with outsourcing becoming a much more frequent practice.

2. No More 9-5

Cloud computing changed everything. Not only did it give us a new way to store data, but it also gave us a new way to do business. Now, companies are no longer bound to fixed working hours, and not everybody needs to be in the office for everything to get done. This has changed the way that businesses approach the working week, as well as enabling them to reach out further than was formerly possible. The world has truly become our oyster,

3. Changes to Office Space

Changes to Office Space

The developments in tech has led to an increase in start-ups and people becoming self-employed has led to an increased demand for office space. Now, through reputable serviced office providers, small businesses can rent out affordable and well equipped spaces, or even make use of virtual office services, which allows you to deal with your admin remotely.

4. Security

We’re living in an age where security is at the forefront when it comes to data. High profile cases of hacking and private data being released puts businesses in a greater position of responsibility than ever. Through cloud computing, companies can securely store data through third party services, providing regular backups and other key security measures that were less reliable in the past.

5. More Competition

There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, but the growth of the tech industry has led into growth of businesses, which in turn leads to more competition amongst companies. While this may make things harder, it can also open up more opportunities, and encourage businesses to push themselves to become instigate development, lead change and become industry leaders.