Ever since the Supreme Court made the historic decision in 2018 to legalize sports betting in the US, the sector has seen an explosion. Alongside it, daily fantasy sports have also taken off like never before and are now a truly global phenomenon. In 2019, the sector was worth over $18 billion and by 2027, it may well be approaching $50 billion.

DFS is also set to cement its position as being far more popular than the season-long fantasy leagues thanks to its immediacy.

After all, daily games mean you can enjoy successes almost as they happen. It also means that you’re not tied into a single sport – unless you want to be, that is. But if you want to do well for yourself in the world of DFS there are a few tips that you’ll do well to follow.

Use your salary cap wisely

Obviously, one of the most important first steps is to choose the best DFS platform for you. Don’t worry, you’ll find plenty of information online to help, and one of the criteria will be the salary caps that are imposed on your selections. It’s a delicate balance of filling your team with high-cost superstars and more affordable, but reliable, players if you want to enjoy success.

Take your time to choose your line-ups

It’s understandable if you want to get yourself well ahead for a game, but it’s not always the best strategy. Picking a successful team will mean using all the data you can find, right up to the last minute before time runs out for selection. This will also give you time to check out online advice from pundits and other experts – and it can also mean you can make some surprising, and surprisingly successful, choices.

Devour the sports news

You can also get a lot of information for yourself as long as you check out the sports pages every day. Discover what the coaches and players are saying because this can give you the human insights that you’ll need to go alongside all of the stats and facts. To give just one example, there may be an athlete who says why the upcoming game is so important to them. You can then deduce that they’ll be pushing themselves to the limit for the encounter – and be more than worthy of a place in your team.

Look at all the data

Never before has quite so much data been as available, or as important, in sport. So leave no stone unturned in making your decisions. Even elements like the forecast weather conditions can be important – especially when it comes to baseball.

Work on hunches too

One of the real beauties of sport is that it’s unpredictable and sometimes defies logic completely. So always let hunches and opinions play a part in how you pick a team. Favorite players, lucky shirt numbers, or just a feeling that it will be a particular individual’s day are all good enough reasons for selection.

Put all these elements together and you could well be en-route for daily fantasy sports success.