We all know how hard men are to buy presents for. Their style seems so stifled. Suits, ties, shirts. So limited. Moving away from clothes doesn’t mark a departure from the woods. Men’s interests are often narrow and niche, and yet so deeply enjoyed and pursued that chances are anything you buy based on those, they will either already have, or already have dismissed.

But don’t despair as things are changing. The modern man’s wardrobe and accessory collection are expanding. Men’s bracelets are very much a thing now, and becoming more so. So if you’re looking for a gift for a fashionable gentleman friend, definitely think about bracelets, be they silver, leather, silicon, macramé, or any combination thereof. As a helpful style and selection guide, here are five reasons why a man might wear a bracelet to give you some guidelines.

  1. To start a conversation – With men’s wardrobes, especially the ones of the business variety, being especially restrictive and controlled, a bracelet of a bold, striking style could really get people’s attention. Enough attention to ask a question and for the answer to leave a strong impression in the mind of the inquirer. Maybe the bracelet represents a foreign style, a strange mineral, or a curious story. For a man working in a field where handshakes, deals, and memorable conversations are a key part of the job description, a bracelet like this could be an important tool in his everyday arsenal. Definitely consider this gift idea if wheeler-dealing is part of your man-friends everyday doings.
  1. To support a cause – Many bracelets are symbols of a bigger set of ideas and events. If the man you are looking to buy a gift for has a passion for the wider world that they like to put their weight behind, maybe consider a cause bracelet. These are usually made of silicone rubber, and come in very bright, often near neon florescent colours, since they are designed to seize attention and get conversations going. This could be a very sensitive gift, as causes are sometimes sensitive subject. Tread carefully, but don’t be afraid to go there at all. Also, make absolutely sure you are buying the bracelet directly from any charity or cause involved here. Second-hand means no money goes towards the charity being promoted by the bracelet.

  1. To identify one’s self – Monogramming or other forms of personalised engraving are commonplace among men’s accessories. Everything from wallets to pocket squares, money clips, cufflinks, and of course bracelets. Certain types of bracelets for men feature plates of silver, stainless steel, or other metals. This offers a wide flat space suitable for all kinds of stylish personalisation details. This could be a monogram, or you could go more detail. Maybe your man has a personal motto, a favourite quote, or some other scrap of words that have an important meaning, so if you’re looking for ideas, this could be a good place to start. For some men, this could be a very practical thing, as they could have a medical condition that requires a doctor be aware of it should they be incapacitated. Of course, there is no reason such a bracelet can’t have some style alongside its substance.
  1. To adopt a culture – If your man is associated with, involved in, or otherwise passionate about a particular culture, he might want to more deeply reflect their fashion, their sartorial sense, and their array of accessories. In Bulgaria, a bracelet of scarlet string and white threads is worn as a symbol intending to invite spring. In India, Sikhs wear a copper bracelet as a symbol of religious allegiance. In parts of Latin America bracelets featuring the black onyx stone Azabache is used as a symbol of protection, while many parts of the Middle East and North Africa use the blue and white “evil eye” stone for the same purpose.
  1. To make a statement – Your man might be someone who likes to be outgoing. Someone who enjoys putting a cat among the pigeons. Someone who wants to be seen as different and other to the norm. Men’s bracelets are a great way for a man to say “I reject the normal business attire” without completely jumping so far off the deep end as to be ostracised or otherwise rejected. Bracelets mark someone out as interesting, different, and worth maybe paying a little more attention to.