The e-commerce industry has taken the world by storm. Each day there are hundreds of new online shops and millions of people browsing the web in search of the best products. There is no doubt that there is plenty of money to make in the e-commerce market, but how can you stand out from the crowd and attract more customers than your competitors? 

Even if you sell the same products as other e-commerce stores, you need to make your store more appealing than all the rest. There are several features that all thriving ecommerce stores share. In this blog, we’ll be exploring what these fantastic features are, so you can start generating more sales. 

Easy to Navigate

There is nothing more frustrating than being interested in a product and having no idea how to navigate the website to make your purchase. This may seem like an obvious point, however, there are many websites out there that don’t make any sense to their customers. To make your page easy to navigate you should make vital sections, such as F.A.Q pages, that your customers can head to for extra support. 

Seamless Experience

The best ecommerce stores are those that offer their customers a seamless experience from start to finish. From the moment they visit your store to the minute they receive their item; the highest level of quality must be upheld. It can often be a lot for one person to juggle, which is why many stores opt for ecommerce fulfillment services to help them out. 

Discount Tools

Many ecommerce stores don’t make the most of promotional tools, such as discounts. When you offer customer a deal they can’t refuse, they tend to make more purchases. Plus, it gives you the perfect window of opportunity to capture vital lead information. For example, ask them to sign up for your newsletter in exchange for a 20% discount on their first purchase. 

Review Section

Another thing you should focus on when building your ecommerce store is your review section. Customers are much more inclined to make a purchase when they can read the testimonies of other individuals that have previously done so. It’s also a great way to collate customer feedback about your services and products. 

Product Videos

Humans are inherently visual beings which means we love to see and experience the product through photos or videos. The inability to touch or feel a product in person is one of the biggest drawbacks of e-commerce stores. However, adding videos of your product, whether these be promotional or explanatory, can help boost sales. 

Even if you have all of the features we have listed above, if you don’t remain consistent, it’s unlikely that you will remain successful. Your customers need to know that they can come back and relive the same experience time after time. This is the basis for customer loyalty so make sure you uphold a high standard of quality across all aspects of your business.