There is a ton of information out there if you want to learn the dynamic art of content and digital marketing. Most of these guides take a how-to approach and seem to be written for people, who are building their content strategy from scratch. Most people, however, already have a content marketing strategy in place and are looking for informative sources that can help point out the weak points and flaws.


1. Having a static and stale content marketing strategy

Content marketing is not a static strategy that is developed, implemented and forgotten. This is worse than having no strategy in place. The aim of content marketing is to get the right message across to the right users at the right time. All these three factors are dynamic, constantly shifting. Content marketing is a mix of all these three factors.

How to fix it:

  • Schedule regular reviews of your online strategy
  • Pinpoint the weak performance points
  • Have a data-drive strategy
  • Track, Review, Analyze! Usage statistics aren’t just fancy numbers and pretty graphs. A good content marketer should live and breathe user statistics.

2. A lack of a fixed content marketing plan and schedule

No content strategy is foolproof even the best designed campaign will fail if it does not adhere to a proper plan. You will fail at maintaining or conveying a consistent message. An ill-planned strategy will also affect content. Run a tight content marketing ship by having at minimum the following four aspects in place.

How to fix it:

  • Know who will create what content
  • When that content will be shared
  • Where will it be shared
  • How it will be promoted

3. Creating drab and dull content

Creating drab and dull content

The ultimate goal of content is to provide your readers with valuable information. Readers will appreciate and remain loyal to a business that provides them with useful information regarding the products. The importance of having good quality content cannot be stressed enough. Do not get bogged down in the goal to increase user traffic, expand readership and sales. Instead, focus on the reader and address what they need.

How to fix it:

  • Follow the FRUAS checklist
    • Findable, Readable, Understandable, Actionable, Shareable
  • Create high-quality content that is engaging and unique
  • Content should address the needs of the target audience
  • Promise value and fulfill it through content
  • Use convenient and appropriate format for delivery

4. You follow the tenant that content marketing is the new link building

Businesses and marketers are often guilty of thinking that content marketing is a way to build high-quality links. This is not true as content marketing is more about audience engagement. It is a broad concept that should not be narrowed down to the simple old-school SEO phenomenon of link-building. The key goals of content marketing are active audience engagement and relationship building. You cannot achieve these goals if you remain in the link-building mindset.

How to fix it:

Change your content marketing philosophy and embrace a broader perspective. Focus on good content and promotional channels and the links will automatically follow.

5. Not paying enough attention to social media strategy

Your presence on social media networks can be a valuable tool for your long-term business success if leveraged correctly. Social media are a gold mine of leads and sales if used properly. We point out some mistakes that are specific to social media

  • Having a selling-focus, over-promotional  strategy

How to fix it: Your audiences are not walking, talking wallets; do not treat them like it. Build a genuine connection with the readers/subscribers. Do not just talk about your products and business. Expand the content and your social media ranks will grow.

  • Failing to build a rapport with your audiences

How to fix it: Find what the reader really cares about and acknowledge those needs

  • Being vague about your social media audience

How to fix it: Take some time to study and analyze the market trends and identify the group/type of people who like your product. Giving the right message to the wrong people will not help your business goals

  • Failing to proofread your social media shares

How to fix it: Typos and misspellings are common, it can happen to the best, always proofread content to remove mistakes and ambiguity.

  • Posting only one type of content

How to fix it: Vary your content, use videos, podcasts, slides, ebooks; make a dedicated section for user submitted content.

  • Using too many social media channels

How to fix it: Determine the social platforms that are most relevant to your product/service. Checking the user base demographics of the targeted social platform will also be helpful in making your decision.

  • Not paying attention to social media account/site security

How to fix it: Spam sites and hackers will often try to attack your website/social media accounts. Use secure passwords and have all the security settings in place.