Being a taxi driver is not easy job. A taxi driver has to do too many things before driving a cab. This is not an easy task to complete. Taxi drivers keep driving whether it is day or night. A taxi driver is trained to follow all traffic rules and common communication etiquettes, taking passengers from pick up point to destination safely within time.


Travelling through taxi gives you very pleasant experience. Taxi drivers are trained to give you such experience. If you want to become a taxi driver in the Chicago taxi service or wondering how all these working taxi drivers get qualified to drive cabs, then you should look at these steps to become a taxi driver in Chicago city taxi service companies.

Steps to become a licensed taxi driver:-

  1. Age of the candidate applying for the license of taxi driver should be 21 or more. It is compulsory for everyone to complete this age limit before applying for a license.
  2. After crossing the age limit and applying for becoming a cabbie driver, you need to take ‘Public chauffeur training course’. In this course, candidate learns to speak English more fluently and with different accents. Also, he learns about common communication etiquettes and human behaviour.Steps to become a licensed taxi driver
  3. After completing the training of “Public Chauffeur Training”, you have to pass the “Public chauffeur examination”. After passing, you get passing certificate.
  4. After successfully passing the examination, you have to go to Public Vehicle Operations Facility and complete the registration for becoming a licensed cabbie driver. Before getting the license, you will be asked to submit a copy of your :-
  • State Issued Vehicle Driving License.
  • Certificate of passing the “Public Chauffeur Training” course.
  • Drug test within 24 hours after receiving Drug test form.
  • A completed physical certificate from any certified doctor living in Illinois. The test record must be dated before 4 months of applying for the license.

That’s it. You’re done now. If everything is ok, then authorities will issue a license with your name and you’ll be able to drive taxi easily. Also do check out some tips for regular taxi app users. Your training will help you to drive safely and happily. Your work is not just to pick up your customers from one place and drop them in another place, you have to keep them happy and drive safely.