University students over the world are constantly looking for countries where they can get better job opportunities and use their talents. It is not just about moving but getting flexible living conditions and easy migration opportunities. Finland, one of Europe’s developed countries is currently offering graduates with game developing skills the chance to make a living and have a better life. Also, the government of this European country is ready to support tech students who are ready to move permanently into the country. To get educated on what Finland offers tech firms and professionals who choose to move to this country, read on.

About Finland and Its Booming Game Industry

Finland is a fast-growing economy particularly if you reside in the capital, Helsinki. Finland’s game industry is one of the most respected in Europe, and it has witnessed phenomenal growth over the last decade due to several economic and financial inputs. For a country of 5 million residents, it has just over 240 game studios.

The game market had a revenue of about €2.2 billion in 2018. Experts have agreed that this development is due to the immense success of Finnish mobile game developers like Clash of Clans developers, Supercell which was worth about €1.7 bn in 2015, and Rovio, the creator of Angry Birds. Other notable game studios in Finland include Remedy entertainment, Housemarque, and Seriously Entertainment.

In the last five years, an array of major international game developing companies have set up offices in Finland’s capital, Helsinki. Renowned game developing firms such as Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Epic Games, Huuuge Games, and Zynga. Therefore, any interested university students who wish to work for these firms are welcome to Finland.

However, you do not need to be scared that Big game developing firms won’t recruit you. If you are unlucky working with them, there are hundreds of smaller game firms where you can earn your living and gain valuable experience before applying to the top firms.

Therefore, any interested university students who wish to work for these firms are welcome to Finland. The country has very good technological innovations and energy firms. Students will not lack anything if they relocate and language is not a barrier as 99.8% of the Finnish people speak English.

Finland’s Startups and their Development of Mobile and Online Casino Games

Finland is currently experiencing the biggest boom in startups who are interested in mobile games and online casino game design. There are excellent firms like Finnplay who offer various gaming platforms at affordable rates. According to the top Finnish online casino news portal Netticasino Suomi, Finnish people really love to gamble online a lot.

This is visible using the turnover of Veikkaus, the state-ran gambling agency whose total turnover in 2019 is about €13 billion. Some Veikkaus games are available at Casino Helsinki which is the biggest land-based casino in Finland. At this casino, there exists a plethora of game arcades, thousands of points of sale across the country, and all online casino websites in Finland.

Veikkaus has about two million registered casino customers which equate to about 45% of the total amount of adults in Finland. Because the casino is managed by the state, the profit generated is of Finnish citizens and injected into many businesses like smaller Finnish game developing companies. The authorities are doing this to back startups and encourage university students to work with them.

Because the casino is managed by the state, the profit generated is enjoyed by Finnish citizens and injected into many businesses like smaller Finnish game developing companies.

Furthermore, according to this report, non-Finnish employees share in the Finnish game industry has increased greatly from 18% to 27%. This shows that Finland is an attractive country for game development, however, the availability of experienced professionals locally is a huge challenge to the Finnish game industry.

Availability of Educational Programs in Game Development in Finland

Educational programs for game development are still young in Finland, however, the industry has moved fast that the demand surpasses the supply. Because of this, many mobile game positions especially senior roles are occupied by individuals from overseas. This point is buttressed by Oleg play, an executive of a Finnish firm, games factory talents, and organizers of Finnish Games career Day.

In his words:

“Finland is very interested in getting top talents from overseas countries because only about 3600 individuals work in the gaming sector in Finland. We still have about 350 vacancies open because there is a strong shortage of developers.”

“Though in years past, Finnish universities opened courses for game developers, however, it couldn’t match the industry and there is less time to acquire new experts. This happened after Rovio and Supercell experienced success in game development, and other people loved it.”

Games factory Talents remain Finland’s sole recruiting firm in the gaming sector because they work with all major gaming countries.

How incoming Developers can cope with Finland’s High Taxes?

While foreign developers might fear huge taxes in the country, there are other excellent benefits to enjoy like free education, affordable childcare, and a universal medical program.

Furthermore, €60,000 in Finland can make you very rich because you worry less about other finances. Unlike the US, where €60,000 might not be enough to cover education, medical bills, and healthcare. Recently, the Finnish government held a seminar inviting foreign tech workers with their families for 90 days to see if the movie can be permanent.

There are opportunities for any Finnish firm to get grants and various financial support relating to the product and technological growth for games. This is so useful for startups, but it needs more time and resources. Tekes currently offers about $150 million in funding to finish tech firms yearly and it is equity-free. The top game developer, Supercell with just five people used $3 m given by Tekes to start its business way back in 2009.

They now pay huge taxes more than Tekes funds for other businesses. The future is very promising for game development in Finland as it remains one of the top European countries to work and reside in permanently.