Online Roulette has become a staple pastime for many over the years, mostly attractive because of its accessibility, in comparison to those games that can only be played from brick-and-mortar locations. But, like anything, online Roulette at Paddy Power, amongst other sites, needs a little something to keep it fresh.

So, here we present some of our top otherworldly Slots, that inject something a but more special into your day-to-day gaming experience!

Age Of The Gods Roulette

Gone are the days where Roulette would be viewed as the Devil’s game – with this game, it is only the gods that will be playing alongside you! Gameplay starts at 0.10 credits, with the possibility to reach as high as 1,000 if you’re feeling lucky. Once this first wager has been placed, the game will open up with four progressive jackpots up for grabs, worth a whopping £100,000!

Like you’d expect with any other game of Roulette, you will place your first bet of 0.10 credits, or above, and make a prediction on a single number or combination that you think will appear on the Roulette wheel. You can also place a 1+ credit bet on the outside results, such as columns and red/black. Once you’ve made these choices, you can hit spin and watch the action unfold. 

The single number bets will be the most lucrative, if your number comes up, dishing out payouts of 35x your wager. If your outside bet comes in then you will have your stake returned. Arguably, the Age of the Gods Bonus betting round is the best money-making aspect of the game. With this, you’ll be taken to a three-reel slot game, once you’ve placed the necessary minimum bet, and get three spins to try and boost your bankroll. Here you’ll win between 5x and 100x your original stake!

Quantum Roulette

Beamed straight from a galaxy above, through space and time, this game of Roulette is truly from another dimension. Filled with high-energy turns and super-charged twists, this virtual version of a brick-and-mortar classic takes the game to a whole new level, all from the comfort of your own home! 

With Quantum Roulette, there are bonus boosters and the chance to win 500x your wager on a single bet. All this on offer, with the gameplay starting from just 0.20 coins – what’s not to love? There are 37 numbers on the wheel, ranging from zero to 36, and you must place your bets on the number, or type of number, that you think will appear. You can bet on anything from single numbers, dozens, red/black, splits – all the options you’d expect from any good game of Roulette. The payout for a correct single number prediction is slightly lower than you’ll see in other online Roulette games, standing at 29x your original bet, but this is because of the electric bonus features that can be found in this game!

The Quantum bonus feature is pretty self-explanatory. Wild, electric currents will surge through the wheel before the betting round closes, and between one and five numbers will be lit up on the reels. If a number is hit by this supercharger then its payout will automatically be increased. The payout is fairly random, ranging from anywhere between 50x and 500x your original bet! Worth taking your chances on!