With technological advances, most of the companies and organizations are now having a tendency to use computerized maintenance management systems not only to detect high risks of asset failures but to boost maintenance operations as well. But what are the key features of great maintenance management software to make a wise choice? Since benefits of CMMS may include effacingly done maintenance jobs, reduced downtime, improved asset life and increase productivity, every business organization or company must be aware of the features of maintenance management software to invest business money only in productive and fertile software.

Have a look at the notable features that your CMMS must have in order to provide you with excellent maintenance management solutions.

Maintenance Management Software Features:

A simple maintenance request portal

An awkward process can be the major cause that workers are not submitting equipment maintenance requests on time, and it can lead the company towards expensive breakdown and asset failures. On another hand, most of the SMMS software developed with a simple maintenance request portal to collect and respond maintenance requests submitted by the staff. It ensures that maintenance requests are not missed and all essential maintenance jobs are done correctly on time to reduce downtime as well as to improve the asset life time. So, always make sure that there is a Maintenance Request Portal available when choosing a CMMS for your business setting or company.

Creating and keeping track of work orders

Almost all maintenance management systems are designed with a great feature of creating and tracking work orders. In this way, struggle of creating and keeping the hard copies of work orders eliminated to make the maintenance management processes paperless. The software you are choosing for your company should enable the users to create a number of work orders to assign specific maintenance tasks to dedicated employees and technicians to streamline the maintenance processes. Option of adding further details like parts costs, parts used during the reactive maintenance and labor hours etc within each work order should also be there to make things easier and well-organized.

Preventive maintenance scheduling

Preventive maintenance is something fertile that plays a vital role in reducing the asset failure and downtime. Maintenance management software must have a feature of preventive maintenance scheduling to allow a company to keep tabs on all their facilities and locations to make sure that essential preventative maintenance tasks are scheduled according to the company SOPs. Your software should be loaded with necessary preventative maintenance tools such as automatic scheduling, maintenance reminders, asset history and other information, and automated tasks to streamline the whole maintenance process.

Detailed equipment history

Ability to track vital equipment information and history is indispensable when you are looking for the best CMMS software for your organization or company.The equipment information may consist of title of the equipment, date of purchase, make and model, warranty if any, breakdown history, recent maintenance or repair and so on. In this way, a company can have comprehensive history and details about its each equipment or tool to make the maintenance process easier than ever and facility managers can make quick and fruitful decisions regarding the business assets.

Mobile access to the software

It is the age of technology and everyone is using smartphone. So your maintenance management software should also have a feature of mobile access. It makes the software easily accessible by using different handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. In simple words, you have to choose mobile CMMS software for your company to enable your facility managers and technicians access it easily when it comes to gather or insert necessary details in real time.

Parts inventory management

Keeping track of parts inventory is one of the vital things to streamline the maintenance processes for a business or company. And when you are using maintenance management software, then it should be doing the same on your behalf. Effective parts inventory management enables the facility managers to complete repairing and maintenance jobs in time by providing the required parts quickly. And if there is no proper inventory tracking system, chances are always there that technicians or other concerns will need to manually search through countless shelves to find the right spare part. That is the reason; maintenance management software must have an ability to manage spare parts inventory more excellently.