Being a responsible parent has become so tough nowadays. As much as technology has been a blessing, it’s been parting us too. The same is applicable when it comes to children and their parents. Just think of this: it is now possible to reach almost everyone through a single phone call. That having said, you can’t know where they are or what they are doing. And, many of you would have thought of having a platform where you can track your family without calling them every single time. This is where the technology named Family Tracking comes to the play. It was recently that we came across such a platform that enables family tracking and easy communication between members — Fameelee.

We really loved the service and we thought of giving you an overview of Fameelee and how that works. So, when it comes to protecting your family and getting timely updates, you can be fully confident. Shall we start with an introduction to the service, Fameelee?

What is Fameelee — A Necessary Intro

In the simplest terms, we can call Fameelee a family tracking system. It’s rather a platform that you can use for tracking each member of your family — particularly your kids. Fameelee has been designed in such a way that it answers almost all the concerns of a common parent. Obviously, you would want to know where your kids are and whether they are doing something illegal. Currently trusted and used by more than 10000 small and big families across the globe, Fameelee is perhaps the best choice when it comes to family tracking.

We think we can now check out the notable features being offered.


Family tracker by Fameelee is available for different platforms, including Android and iPhone. It means that you can easily track your family even when you’re on the go. Being a real-time updated system, Fameelee is supposed to be installed in every device that needs to be tracked. While almost all the features are available on both platforms, there may be some exclusive features.

As far as the pricing goes, Fameelee is completely free to use. However, if you need additional features such as 30-day location history and unlimited Place-based alerts, you can always go for the premium subscription.

Now that you have the idea, we will go ahead and check out the features of Fameelee family tracker.

Features You’d Love in Fameelee

We tried Fameelee for a while and these are the features we really loved in this.

  • Real-Time Location Tracking lets you know the current location of your family members and friends. You just need to open the Fameelee Dashboard to know where they are. The best part is, you would also have the benefits of up to 30-days location history. What’s more, using the same GPS technology, you can track any of the associated devices if it’s stolen.

  • Private and Group Chats help you maintain your family spirit of friends’ circle without meddling with other social networks. While Fameelee Chats are as fast as any other IM service, you are freed from the common distractions that you find in WhatsApp or Facebook.
  • Emergency Alerts is one of the best features we have found in Fameelee. You know, anything would happen anytime and Fameelee would be the best way to reach your loved ones for help. You can set up emergency numbers and leave a message — along with Real-time location — if you are in trouble or need some help.
  • Fameelee also lets you set some useful alerts based on Places and actions. For instance, would you want to know when your kid reaches school or when your daughter leaves from the University? Just set up an alert and Fameelee will notify you instantly. Similarly, you can set alerts for speed limits. It means, if your kid breaks the safety speed limits, you’ll be notified, all thanks to GPS-based tracking.

The best part is that all these functions work without that where-are-you-now phone call. In other words, it is possible to stay alerted about your family and keep yourself less worried.

The Final Word on Fameelee

After using Fameelee family tracker for less than a few weeks, we found it really promising. It not just brings family tracking in an intuitive manner, but also makes the features globally available. It would be really easy for anyone to get started with Fameelee, create circles and keep track of their family without actually being annoying to those people.