Bitcoin is the most successful digital currency worldwide that is gaining even more tremendous popularity these days, and this is because of its excellent benefits. Bitcoins allow you to make fast, secure, and effortless transactions without the inference of any external body. Although most of the population is already aware of what bitcoins are, some are still unaware of the facts about bitcoin. If you are one of those mentioned above, read the article below to learn about some exciting bitcoin facts.

The creator of bitcoin is unknown

The creator of the most successful digital currency is unknown. Although it is believed that bitcoin was invented by someone named Satoshi Nakamoto, this person disappeared from the Internet after creating bitcoin, and the reason for his vanishing is unclear to anyone. The creator of bitcoin, if he existed somewhere, would be the wealthiest person on the planet because he has around 980,000 coins in his wallet.

Losing your private keys

The only thing you require to access your account are the private keys; if you accidentally lose them, there is no way you can get them back since no third party is involved in bitcoin processes, and the data is not backed up centrally; thus, losing your private keys means that you will lose all the data and the assets in your account.


There is a nation called Liberland, which considers bitcoin as its official currency. According to the officials of Liberland, the security, efficiency, and transparency of the bitcoin system make it convenient for people to make payments while knowing what is happening in the system too.

A limited number of bitcoins

People often think they can endlessly mine bitcoins, but they are wrong. The number of bitcoins that can exist in totality worldwide is 21 million, and already 17 million have been mined.

Different perspectives about bitcoins

Different countries worldwide have accepted bitcoins with open arms, for example, Canada and America. But some countries consider bitcoins illegal and have banned them, for example, Iceland and Bangladesh. Then some countries have not banned bitcoins, but they have advised the natives to the careful while investing in bitcoins as there is a potential risk attached to bitcoin trading, for example, India and Thailand.

Power Consumption

In the process of mining, different miners around the globe compete to guess the correct nonce, which results in a lot of power consumption as hundreds and thousands of computers work at a time at different places. It is believed that the amount of energy consumed by bitcoin mining is more than that consumed by the entire of Argentina. This high power consumption has also led to climate change in regions that use non-renewable sources of power to harness energy. Therefore, it is advised to depend more on renewable energy sources while mining, reducing the negative impacts on the environment and ensuring sustainable energy use.

The pace of the bitcoin network

It is believed that the speed of the bitcoin network is more than the world’s fastest supercomputer. Still, it is normal because the computer can serve its users for many different tasks, but the only task you will use in the bitcoin network is to add new blocks to the existing blockchain.

The difference between B

People often get confused that bitcoin and Bitcoin are the same, just a B is capital, but these two are entirely different terms. The term bitcoin means the cryptocurrency you are planning to invest in, while Bitcoin means the shared ledger where all the transaction records are stored following blockchain technology.

A small bitcoin unit

To recognize the vanished creator of bitcoins, the smallest unit of bitcoin is named a satoshi. Although the value of one satoshi is meager, it is believed that around a hundred million of these small units make up one bitcoin.

In conclusion, you would have learned some interesting facts about bitcoins. Suppose you are interested in bitcoins because of their ability to let you make fast, secure, and effortless transactions without a third party getting involved. In that case, you should consider investing in them. If you are interested in gaining profits through bitcoins, use There are many more exciting facts about bitcoins, which you will learn during your bitcoin career once you start investing in bitcoins.