Facebook is one of the biggest social media sites in the world today. The mega social media site generates more income than the GDP of several third world states. Even the entire online gambling industry struggles to equal Facebook in terms of annual revenue. This is because of the skillful way that the management of the firm has managed to monetize the service. They have developed several very innovative marketing products over the years. However, these efforts have been restricted to the desktop and the mobile site. It is possible to have your casino app like face on phone and you can play anywhere and anytime visit casinoaus.com and see the best Australian online casinos where you can play casino games at. Now the Mark Zuckerberg lead company is testing market response to Ads in its messenger App.

Tests in the messenger App commenced on the 25th of January 2016. The official statement from the leading social media site says that the testing will only be in Australia and Thailand. Only selected users will see the ads. The ads will appear in the section between the favorite users and the most recent conversations.

Facebook has developed amazing ways to make Ads relevant to its users. There are several parameters that they consider before determining whether an Ad is suitable for the viewer. It is such efforts that enable the corporation to remain on top of industry. Also they have a great facility that allows individual users to set their Ad preferences. This feature is also present in the messaging app. Users can report Ads the same way as in the News Feeds.

The commitment by Facebook to maintaining a great user experience will undoubtedly be kept when as they launch Ads in their messenger app. There may actually be improvements in the non-intrusive Ad placements. Advertisers will not be allowed to initiate messages with Facebook users. All communication can only originate from the user.

Ads in the messenger app will mean businesses can have closer interaction with potential clients. The business opportunities presented by the move are great. However the social media giant is not in a rush to expand the service to other regions.