Online casino tournaments are more popular now than they have ever been before. Unsurprisingly, it is not just conventional casinos that have chosen to serve up these exciting competitions. Bitcoin casino sites have also been eager to impress their users with tournaments featuring BTC-friendly games. These form the basis for this article, so let us look closer.

Bitcoin Table Game Tournaments

There are several types of Bitcoin casino tournaments out there for you to enjoy. Some of them focus heavily on table game action. For the most part, these tend to be more along the lines of baccarat, blackjack, and roulette, rather than table poker. However, it is not impossible to find table poker tournaments. In most cases, these tournaments allow you to compete directly against other players in a winner takes the pot kind of competition.

Bitcoin Slot Tournaments

BTC slot tournaments form most tournaments that you can play at Bitcoin casinos. These competitions involve competing against other players, albeit indirectly. A typical BTC slot tournament will see you trying to accumulate points by wagering, depositing, or winning. The more tournament points you accrue, the higher up the Bitcoin slot tournament’s leaderboard you will climb. Make it to the very top, and you will win a much larger share of a prize pot than if you were to finish lower down.

Where Do Prize Draws Fit in?

Prize draws are a whole different kettle of fish, and while commonly offered at Bitcoin casinos as tournaments, they can best be described as promotions rather than anything else. The objective here is to “qualify” by accomplishing specific criteria. Once qualified, you are into the draw. Here, a Bitcoin casino player will be drawn at random (perhaps several players will be) and win whatever prizes are available. Prize draws are more down to luck than true competitions like BTC tournaments.

How Long Do BTC Casino Tournaments Run for?

There are typically two types of timeframes you can look at for BTC casino tournaments. Most will last either a week or a month. It is rare, but some Bitcoin tournaments may run for a season (perhaps over the summer, for instance) or may even last just a single day or the weekend. Ultimately, you should check the terms and conditions of each tournament to find out how long they last.

Can I Get in on the WSOP Action with Bitcoin Casino Tournaments?

Not usually, no. Most World Series of Poker (or WSOP) tournaments take place at online casinos (and poker rooms) that are affiliated with the poker competition, and they usually use US dollars as their gaming currency. However, this does not mean that a casino that offers both Bitcoin and US dollar gameplay will not permit you to deposit with Bitcoin and then convert that into US dollars for WSOP tournaments. However, we would not count on being able to join these tournaments at Bitcoin casinos.