Pre-production is the initial and crucial stage of the streamlined video-making process. If you are planning to invest in it, you should know everything about it. 

Check out the guide to video pre-production to learn the crucial things about the process.

Here are the steps to follow:


Reach out to video production experts to explain the features and target customers of your products. Prepare a list of features of your products and potential customer personas. Add creativity to your business plan and visualize what you want. 

After visualization, you can outline the kind of video you want to make and the target audience. You can share your plan with video pre-production experts so they can bring it into existence. Talk with them about your video storyline, plot, characters, and message. 

Then conceptualize and include creative notes about where you want your products to display or a specific character to wear. After conceptualization, narrow down your ideas.


Write down the product features, dialogues, and visuals of your video. Once you write down these things, your team understands what they need more and arrange for them accordingly. 

A video is not only about direct storytelling. If you watch trending videos, they have the perfect combination of dialogues, visuals, and audio and music.

Edit and share your first draft with other team members for their approval and suggestions for improvement. Their insight adds value to your script and maintains consistency.


It’s always easy to tell and show through your videos. The perfect visuals distinguish good videos from the bad. Thus, focus on creating wonderful and enthralling visuals, which make storyboarding a necessity.

Besides writing visuals, you should always plan shots. You need to plan every shot to boost your bending and target your specific niche. For instance, if your target audience is expensive product users, your shots should look as clean and bright as possible. The set design should also be minimalist and eye-catching with elegant looks and stylish outfits. 

Storyboarding is usually only a scene-by-scene drawing of what you would like your final video to look like. As everyone is not artistic, your video need not seem like an art piece. 

Through your video, viewers should get a clear idea of your final output. Thus, your video should always be an accurate representation of your messaging and branding. Storyboards help to distinguish the feel, look, cuts, shots, and camera angles. 

You may want one continuous 45 second shot without cuts and a wide shot that cuts to a close-up. Storyboarding helps you to map everything out, including location and shot duration. A reputable company helps you storyboard your full production and offers a guide to video pre-production in every step. 

Once you share your creative ideas with experts, they can combine storyboards depending on your brand, products, and target direction. When you have a crystal clear idea of what kind of video you want, storyboarding gets easier. 

You need to know or tell them the type of video style you are thinking about. The experts can take every element from the animation, narration, lifestyle, or mini document. 


Follow storyboarding by official and creative steps such as booking, scheduling, recruiting, and buying. Then you need to arrange for actors, voice artists, locations, and hosts to shoot the video. 

You will have to buy or arrange the essential outfits and props too. When you decide to shoot in a public place, you require some filming permissions and licenses. 

Hire skilled camerapersons, production assistants, and sound engineers. This will ensure the entire shoot works smoothly. You have to arrange for the right equipment and send out all important documents such as shooting notes and scripts. 

When it comes to preparing the video pre-production process, you may need to deal with a lot of things like – a centralized point of contact as there will be client queries, modifications, cancellations, and other unforeseen consequences that help you to shoot the entire video successfully. 

Hiring a company for video reproduction can be an intelligent decision. The experts can easily handle both the creative and technical aspects of video making. It’s an art that demands years of experience and a strong network of video experts.  

Bottom Line

Hopefully, this guide to video pre-production helped you to understand the most important things about it. To create an excellent video, you need to prioritize pre-production; otherwise, the result won’t be satisfactory. 

If your streamlined video pre-production process goes well, you can make a video that is perfect from every aspect. So, follow this guide and get the best results.