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You have the gameplay itself; you should also have peripherals and accessories to make it more engaging or immersive. So below is a compiled list of essentials for any gamer out there.


You should have a monitor for gaming. Don’t just buy any monitor; instead, make sure that it’s a gaming monitor. A gaming monitor has a much faster response time than other monitors and can help improve your gameplay experience. 

There are plenty of affordable options out there, but if you settle for less than 1080p resolution, you’ll be missing out on a lot of the visual detail modern games have to offer. If your budget allows, go for a 4K monitor with a high refresh rate 144Hz or higher.

It also has better color accuracy and contrast ratios, making your games look better. Gaming monitors are usually more expensive than regular monitors, but they’ll last longer and provide you with better-quality images.

Graphics Card

Graphic cards render all the visuals, from explosions to shadows and reflections. Without a powerful enough graphics card, your games will look terrible and will just not run at all. The GPU (graphics processing unit) handles all the calculations required to render an image. This is why it’s also known as a video card.

The GPU inside a graphics card determines what kind of monitor you can connect, how many monitors you can connect, and how powerful a PC you need to run it. It also dictates what games you can play and at what quality settings. 

If your computer has an integrated graphics processor, it might run simple games at lower detail levels and resolutions. But if you have a separate stand-alone video card, the chances are that it will run any game with ease and deliver a better experience overall.


You need a fast processor with multiple cores. In this case, “fast” means having as many cores as possible, each running at the highest clock speed it can while still staying stable and cool.

It doesn’t directly influence game performance, but it determines how fast you can load game levels and how quickly you can get into the action once the game has loaded. A slow processor will bottleneck your graphics card if it isn’t powerful enough to keep up with the GPU.


Memory, also called RAM, is used by your computer to temporarily store information for processing by your CPU and graphics card. More memory improves performance because more data can be accessed without accessing slower storage devices like hard drives or solid-state drives (SSDs).

You should always buy a memory compatible with your motherboard in terms of speed and physical size. For most users, 8 GB is enough for casual gaming, but enthusiasts will want 16 GB or more.


A good motherboard provides all the connections your PC needs, including USB ports and PCI Express slots for adding new hardware later on. It also provides everything needed to overclock components in your PC, which includes things like extra fan headers and control over system voltages.

Gaming Headset

When gaming, audio has a huge impact on your overall gaming experience. It’s one of the best ways to immerse yourself in your virtual world. If you want to hear every sound clearly, go with a surround headset. But if you prefer playing in a quiet room or apartment, go with noise-canceling headphones.

It is a device that you wear over your ears to hear sound from the computer. You will find it useful when playing games since you will hear clearly. It also comes in handy for chatting with fellow gamers online or watching movies.

Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

Consider a keyboard and mouse combo designed specifically for gaming if you want to up your game while playing on a PC. They usually feature programmable keys and come equipped with anti-ghosting technology, which prevents unregistered key presses from causing in-game issues and backlighting for better visibility during play.

Gaming Chair

Some people can spend hours sitting in front of their computers without taking breaks to stretch or move around. Gaming chairs are designed to keep gamers comfortable during those long sessions to focus on the game instead of their posture. Look for models that recline back, have built-in lumbar support, let you adjust the seat height, and have armrests that pivot in multiple directions.

In Conclusion

So there you have it: a rundown of the basic equipment you need to play video games. You might consider this a starting point, as your preferences and needs can change over time. But whatever your desires may be, these six basics are a good foundation for gaming enjoyment. 

And if you’re a first-time gamer but don’t want to start buying basic equipment all at once, consider renting them instead. You will still get the same experience without spending too much upfront.