With most of us working from home, maintaining our productivity is quite a big challenge for all of us. Despite the multiple tools and applications out there that claim to help you with your productivity, most of them with their complex interface and just a few customization options are not that effective. This is where we can across EssentialPIM one of the most powerful and amazing tools out there with multiple customization options and an intuitive interface.    

In this article, we are going to take a look at the different features that are offered by this amazing tool and how users can use EssentialPIM for their daily planning and scheduling. 

EssentialPIM is a perfect way through which users can plan and manage their daily or weekly meetings along with setting different agendas for themselves. 

Daily Agenda

With the daily agenda feature that you get with EssentialPIM, you get streamlined management of all your tasks that you need to accomplish on a particular day, in addition to that the software will automatically collect all the relevant data from the different sections in order to provide you with the best results. 

Along with that, the mobile app makes it more convenient for users to manage their activities as they can easily monitor and customize all their activities on their smartphones according to their preferences. 


Management of your calendar is also really easy for you EssentialPIM users, as they now have the option to plan their daily or weekly activities in a meticulous way. By adding location, priority, and the task completion percentage you can make sure that all your appointments are right on track and you never miss out on anything with your busy schedule. 


By setting up different tasks along with sub-tasks EssentialPIM makes it really easy for its users to categorize and note down their work in a pretty detailed manner. For a team leader, the subtask feature makes it convenient for them to guide and assign tasks to their team. 

All these tasks that you create can be categorized on the basis of their icons or colors along with the option to differentiate the tasks on the basis of their due date and start dates as well. Furthermore, with the help of the EssentialPIM mobile app you can easily sync all these to your smartphone, get all of your data printed and the export function makes it more convenient to transfer and share the data. 


With the option of taking notes in different forms including table, flat, and tree-like format, EssentialPIM gives the users a platform that is highly customizable according to their requirements. Additionally, you can add pictures, drawings, and tables in your notes to make them more effective and useful. 

In case you want to quickly write down anything, you have the Sticky Note feature that is suitable for users that are interested in writing down something while attending a lecture or meeting. 


Just what the name indicated, however, EssentialPIM provides its users with a much easier and smarter solution for keeping all your contacts in a well-sorted manner. With EssentialPIM you will never get confused with similar names. You will be able to easily add different contacts in different groups according to your requirements. 

All these contacts can be synced to your Google, iTunes, or Microsoft Outlook account as well.


Lastly, you get an efficient password manager that allows you to save passcode for all the accounts that you handle. The encryption technology, which converts all your passcodes into symbols and characters makes it really difficult for hackers to decode it and steal your information. 

Should I Invest In EssentialPIM?

Without a doubt, EssentialPIM is a perfect and productive way through which you can manage all of your data along with your daily tasks. The super easy and intuitive interface allows you to easily record and work on your daily goals in an effective manner with the help of these amazing features.

  • Open Source DataBase
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Task Management
  • Cross-linked and tagged data
  • Notes
  • Sticky Notes
  • Multi-user database access
  • Email Management
  • Password Management
  • Data Synchronization
  • Calendar
  • Integration With Cloud Services
  • Multiple Layout Printouts
  • Storing and linking
  • AES 256-bit key
  • Global Search