Don’t you wish that sometimes you had a personal assistant who will enable to sort out all your tasks? But having a full-time manager can be difficult due to your tight budget. But no worries! You can save a lot of time and money by installing the following applications that have the potential to make things very easy for you. Your virtual office will right at your fingertips!

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage system of the Google that enables its users to not only store photographs and videos but also important documents, files, spreadsheets and much more. It is a free way to keep your documents, files, and spreadsheets to be backed up in the cloud. One of the best things about Google Drive is that you can access to your files from any device. In order to use Google Drive, you need to create a google account. The Google Drive provides you a storage of 15 GB completely free of charge.


Chrometa is a time-tracking app that enables to run the background while you work and it evens enables to sync with your mobile phone in order to track all your incoming calls. The time tracking app can be also used in Mac and PC and enable to record your PC based time as you work. Whether you are working on different Office Apps such as PowerPoint, Word, and Excel or on Adobe programs such as Photoshop, Acrobat, Illustrator or even if you are using the Internet browser, Chrometa tracks the time. It also enables to assign time to your projects.


Evernote is an application and Web service that enables to organize your pictures, documents, notes, PDFs and also save them. One of the best thing about Evernote is that it not only stores your files but also enables to enhance your documents. When Evernote imports a picture, it checks that picture for content and after that adds that content to the picture record’s list. It’s an extremely useful tool for Evernote. Evernote offers some fundamental tools such as you can share your notes and files with specific people. It is better if you work with Evernote users. It makes things easier.


Pick is an iOS app that enables you to set a time for your meeting. The app enables to integrate with your personal calendar, set a time according to your accessibility and send invites to your clients. First, you need to download the app, create an account, set a time according to your preference, share your URL with your clients and send the link to your clients. But you can only use this app if your client has the app too.

[email protected]

[email protected] is an app that allows you to fax in the most convenient way possible. With getting a free fax number, this will enable you to use your mobile, iPad or any other device when you want to fax other. You can use their premium plans in order to keep on using this app forever. All you now have to do is attach your fax to emails, messages and send to your destination. Forget about those old fax machines. [email protected] is here to make your life much easier.


Grammarly is a great application that offers you to edit your documents, messages, emails, social content posts and much more.   For the individuals who have challenges with spelling, language structure, capitalization, punctuation, proofreading and other things, this application is a useful method to check your work for accuracy before you post your content or send the file to your client. The app has various features such as Caps Lock, keyboard clicks, auto-capitalization, auto-correction, shortcuts, and utilizing lowercase keys. One of the best thing about this app is you can pick between American English, Australian English, British English, and Canadian English.


Todoist is an application that can be accessed offline and over various platforms. The app ensures that you can create a task list and access it easily. You can likewise share your list with your clients and employees. This is a great way to make to see what tasks need to be done.  Todoist enables workgroups to remain organized without all the standard administration. It is a simple and yet very useful tool to manage your tasks. With Todoist you can allocate assignments and tasks and set due dates so everybody knows who is in charge of what. You can share your documents, files and much more, examine various points of interest, and keep all the significant data sorted out in one place.