Halloween week has started and a lot of families are getting together to celebrate the festival. Where you need to spend time with your kids who can be in different characters and full of makeup, you can leave your cleaning of the dust and make up strain on Roidmi EVE Plus.

What is Roidmi EVE Plus?

A robot vacuum cleaner that takes the garbage out by itself without any hassle of controlling it Or guide this smart device about your place each time you want to clean something. Also, once it’s done cleaning, it comes back to charge automatically to be ready for the next day 🙂

It’s a Flagship Product from ROIDMI -which gives Hands-free, Automatic Dust Collection Self-sterilizing and self-emptying robot vacuum & mop. This is very different from normal vacuum cleaners available in the market because of its features and ecosystem which keeps you, kids and your family safe and healthy during this festival season.

3 Major highlights about this cleaner are :

1) Smart Dust Collecting and Self Sterilizing which brings hands-free experience

In the time where you need to keep and maintain good social distance along with less of the dust touching as well, Roidmi EVE Plus solves this perfectly where it doesn’t just collect dust , however, its self sterilizing process helps to keep dust away from you as well. 

ROIDMI’s rear suction dust collector is equipped with a more streamlined dust collection air duct, and the dust collection port is seamlessly connected to the dust collector which brings lower noise and higher dust collection efficiency. Dust is automatically bagged after entering the dust collector, sterilizing and deodorizing prevent mold and odors.

2) 2 in 1 Vacuum and mop for doubling cleaning

Most of the Vacuum cleaner just do the vacuum cleaning through its vacuum pressure in the device, however, whether its paint spreaded on the floor while you are painting your pumpkin Or its all the dust your decoration raised like web or skeleton, this 2 in 1 Vacuum and mop cleaner, all thanks to its 2700Pa suction power which Easily clean dirt from the ground and suck out dirt from the depths of floor gaps with the higher-performance digital brushless motor, air duct technology helps to keep the complete dust and paint away from your floor, so you can enjoy your clean and clear floor and home

3) Mobile App for Smart control

Control your whole functionality of Roidmi EVE Plus with a touch of a button from your favorite smartphone. Just imagine, going to sleep and pressing a button while accessing your Instagram Or Twitter and this amazing Vacuum cleaner will clean your floor. Not only will it clean the floor, it will come back for charging whenever it feels like charging itself without your presence. 

Not only smart functionality, however it is controlled via your ALEXA command too, hence, this becomes part of your existing amazon or google ecosystem and with your favorite ALEXA command and language. 

With its continuous updates , your device can be added with whole new features or if there is any other issues pertaining to mapping or command, engineers will always be there for you to keep your house and floor clean.

Overall, this RoidMi EVE Plus is ready to keep you free from all dust and mess around your floor where you can enjoy this festival with your friends and families. So, whenever you are seeing skeleton or spider around OR your kids are busy with trick and treat , this device will keep you healthy and your house clean.