Mobile technology has changed the way people use the internet. There’s an app for virtually everything you would love to do online. Whether you want to shop, research, learn a new language, travel, bank, or anything else, you can do this with an app.

The gaming industry has continued growing in the backdrop of this mobile revolution. Research shows mobile games account for 33% of all app downloads. In 2019, mobile gaming accounted for 45% of the total global gaming market.

Whether you love casino, action, puzzle, or MMO games, it’s now possible to play on your smartphone or tablet.

While playing games on a smartphone is convenient, there are multiple hurdles you have to overcome. They include hardware-specific games, additional data downloads, battery issues, numerous ads, poor graphics, among others. This happens with most new technologies.

Luckily, there are a few tweaks you can do to make your mobile gaming experience more delightful.

Battery Saving Tips

There’s no denying that a low battery signal is the last thing you want to see when playing your favorite game. Most smartphone makers haven’t optimized their devices’ batteries for gaming. This means you have to use your device smartly to get the best out of the available capacity. Here are some tips for doing this:

  • Turn On Power Saving Mode
  • Use Wi-Fi whenever possible. (Avoid Network data because it’s strenuous on the battery.). However, restrict app (and OS) updates.
  • Invest in a Buy a Portable Battery or Case
  • Turn off tracking features such as Bluetooth, NFC, Samsung’s phone visibility, and location services. Voice tracking is also not necessary when gaming.
  • Turn down the brightness on the screen (it’s good for your eyes and the battery).
  • Avoid moving wallpaper and widgets
  • Play on silent mode to save the  battery

Use Gaming Mode to Block Distractions

If you’re engrossed in a casino slots game, the last thing you want is a buzz on your phone or a ring. This is why you should always use gaming mode to block distractions. It is applicable when you plan intense gaming sessions.

Once you select your mobile casino of choice from, take time to optimize your smartphone by turning on the gaming mode. This guarantees a smooth gaming experience as you can focus without distractions. It’s easier to implement your strategy and make the right calls on your game.  

Use Do Not Disturb Mode

The best smartphones have built-in do not disturb mode. This ensures third-party apps don’t interfere with your phone’s notification settings. This works just like gaming Mode though you have to specify the duration of the mode, which notifications you don’t want bothering you, and other settings.

Reduce Background Usage

If you have multiple applications running in the background, it’s hard to get smooth playing experience. The best mobile games require a lot of RAM and processor performance to render graphics. By stopping the background usage, you free more RAM for the game you want to play.

Try a Larger Screen  

Smart TV technology is now available, and you should leverage this to enjoy an incredible mobile gaming experience. If your smartphone supports screen mirroring, you can pair it with your Smart TV. This allows you to play your favorite game on a larger screen for a better display. It’s more fun to play any game on a smart TV or even a PC screen. Amazon Fire TV or Google Chromecast are also options for screen mirroring. If you are not tech-savvy, you can learn how to mirror your iPhone to your Sony TV with a simple Google search.

Final Thoughts

Mobile gaming is cool and convenient. You can now enjoy your favorite games on the go and in any location. Whether you want to enjoy instant play games or use a mobile casino or gaming app, this is the future of gaming. With these tips, you can enjoy a smoother gaming experience on your mobile.