It has long been heralded as the saviour of computer storage. With increased capacity, minimal security risk, and automatic backup, The Cloud is starting to take shape. Cloud computing has become a cornerstone solution for businesses of all sizes, thanks to its affordability. Not to mention practicality. But, while there are certainly a ton of benefits to harnessing the power of The Cloud, it isn’t totally bulletproof. At least, not yet.

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While there is no question that cloud computing will bring significant advantages with it, there are just as many problems. It is by no means a finished piece of software. With each passing update, though, services are ironing out the wrinkles. It won’t be long before using The Cloud is an experience free from stress or anxiety. In the meantime, though, there are a few things you need to be on the lookout for.

Inconvenient Load Times During Overuse

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing worse than being in ‘the zone,’ only to find your programs can’t keep up with your own pace. As with any aspect of technology in your business – you’re only as efficient as your hardware. Skimping on the best may seem like a good idea at the time (at least, if you want to pinch the pennies), but it could come back to haunt you.

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In instances where multiple staff all need to access your data at any one time, things get become a little strained. Your provider or plan may not be able to handle the response time, slowing everyone down in the process. One way to circumvent this problem is to make use of cloud load balancing. That will speed things up, at least in the interim, but you may have to look at upgrading your network capabilities.

Internet Downtime Makes Data Inaccessible

In the connected world, it can sometimes feel like we maybe rely too much on internet access. It’s a rather fair assessment. How often have you found yourself losing your mind at the prospect of losing your internet connection? More than you care to admit, I’m willing to bet. This is rarely cause for concern. More often than not, you’ll just have to find a workaround for a few hours. When it comes to storing data in The Cloud, though, it can cut you off at the source.

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Your productivity suddenly grinds to a whimpering halt. Your employees are left twiddling their thumbs. You begin pulling your hair out at the prospect of missed deadlines. That doesn’t sound like much fun for anybody, does it? You should always make allowances for a lack of internet access, even if it’s only temporary.

Although these are two problems that could leave you gritting your teeth, the pros of The Cloud far outweigh the cons. The risk is no more severe than any other medium, which makes cloud computing the dominant choice for storage. Provided you take the right precautionary measures, you should be able to limit problems. And keep things moving in the right direction.