One strategy to get more visitors to your website is a robust emailing campaign. It’s one assumption to make that all emails will result in website visits, but there is another assumption the step before that is much more critical. Simply sending an email to those on your subscription list won’t guarantee it will get opened when it slides into an inbox. Here are some tips to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing and the number of emails that are opened.

Catchy Subject

To craft a catchy subject line, you want to add a sense of urgency. That sense of urgency will gain more opens than one that has no urgency. For example, there’s a big difference between “48-hour sales just started!” and “48 hours left on huge sale!” The first tells a reader they have 48 hours to shop a sale, while the second relays a message of having ONLY 48 more hours until the deal is over. The approach of an ending is more urgent than the beginning of a sale period.

Several other strategies are just as effective, including funny subjects lines and subjects with a list title, so play around with them all until you find what works best for your business.

Resend Emails

This tip could be a bit risky and has a bit more to it. First, you’re only going to resend unopened emails. Second, you’re going to switch the subject line, so it doesn’t appear to be the exact same email. This won’t necessarily get you more opens per email sent, but it will get the content you send more opens.

For example, if you have subscribers who are interested in homes for sale in Connecticut, they might miss some essential information if the email isn’t received at the right time. If you’re confident the information included in the email is of high quality, this is a great tip to take advantage of.

Mobile Friendly

Each year, more emails are opened on mobile devices than desktop computers. This means that mobile-friendly emails are going to consistently result in more opens than ones that are not mobile-friendly. When you’re experimenting with a mobile-friendly format, make sure to test on all devices. They may behave differently on Android devices vs. iPhones.

You may get a subscriber to open the first one or two, but after the email can’t be viewed easily on their mobile device, the opens will likely stop. Then you’re competing with the time between when they open their email account on a desktop, any other emails the subscriber receives that puts yours further down the list, and the possibility of that person unsubscribing or deleting your emails.

There are many reasons that emails go unopened. A simple change and resend can produce significant results. Analyzing when more emails are opened can give insight to what consistency is needed when scheduling email campaigns. Explore the ones mentioned here and more to find the right flow, frequency, and verbiage that works best for your business.