Have you ever realized how much time you spend in a day reading emails and sometimes from unfamiliar sources? It’s true that emails can spend a lot of your quality time that can be used in your business profitably. No matter the many emails you get in a day, something can be done to make your life easier and free up work hours.

This article presents you with some critical email filters that will ensure that you get only a few important emails in a day. Whatever email platform you use; Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and such, all these would apply.

Routing your CC’ed emails to a separate folder

With this filtering technique, your CC’ed emails would skip the inbox to a separate folder. That means the email will not be in your inbox and therefore not a priority. After you are done with the main things and through with the inbox, then you can turn to this folder. This ensures that your inbox receives only the emails that are important and that need immediate attention. The others can be checked later at your convenience. Here, you’ll have enough time to read and respond accordingly to the important emails, which would have otherwise been ignored or given undeservedly less attention.

Have your favorite Newsletters in one folder

Most people love to read email Newsletters. They subscribe to so many such emails and this clutters their inboxes. Often, these emails are left in the inboxes as unread emails. With time, you have so many unread emails so that even important emails get buried in the clutter. This results in a waste of time when trying to read all these emails and you can be sure, not much attention is given to each.

The best way to deal with Newsletter emails is to create a folder and route all these emails to such. This would ensure that you only receive urgent and critical emails into your inbox, and then you can create time and attend to that favorite folder with Newsletter emails.

Unsubscribe from Newsletter emails you don’t read

Chances are that even after you create a separate folder for the Newsletter emails, there are Newsletters from some sources that you’d rather not read. Take note of such that you’ve not read for the third time in a row and others you probably find not useful to you. Unsubscribe from all these and keep only emails that add value to you and your business. This would free up your time and help you concentrate on the more helpful pieces of information.

Stop notifications that you’d rather do without

You have probably registered your business in various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and such. Often times, when signing up on these social sites, you provide your email ID. Whenever someone comments on your timeline, you are notified to your email inbox. Depending on how active you are on those platforms, you may realize hundreds of emails in a day, which might clutter your inbox. You don’t need these notifications and therefore the best thing is to stop them from hitting your inbox. You can create time out of your schedule to go through the social platforms and not necessarily through the notifications.

Your email is supposed to help you get important communication for your business. Having filters would ensure that you only access and pay attention to the necessary messages and thus free up your work hours.