ELO boosting services are becoming more and more popular. With the rise of competitive games, many players needed ELO boosting services to boost their accounts to higher tier levels. These services are not restricted to a few games like League of Legends or Counter-Strike. Wherever there is a competition and a big community, there exist ELO boosting services. This service exists thanks to the players who are playing at a professional or close to a professional level. Beginner players might think that since ELO boosters are pro players, their jobs are easy. But that is not the case…

What is Elo Boosting?

Before jumping into the challenges of ELO boosting let us start with the definition of it. ELO is actually a value that determines a player’s ranking in their region. In many games, ELO is a hidden value and you cannot see your ELO number. We can consider MMR in Dota 2 as an ELO number. Also, Age of Empires had an ELO system that showed numbers to players. But in general, what you’ll see in many competitive games are the tiers such as gold, silver, etc. The idea is similar in the tier system, as you win more games you advance in the ranking. So we can state ELO boosting to the boosting in tier system games.

ELO boosting on the other hand is very different terminology than tiers and ELO. It simply means making an account rank up quickly. In practice, a high-level skilled player logs in to a low-level skilled player’s account, and since the opponents would be many lower-skilled players compared to him (the game is a low tier/ELO) he would easily beat them and get wins with haste. This way the account ranks up very quickly and gets “boosted”. Note that the booster should be someone you would trust. So if you are looking to get your account boosted, select a trustable booster service or a trustable friend.

The Challenges of Elo Boosting

If you are planning to become a booster, you should know that there are many challenges ahead of you. It may just seem really easy to go into low-skilled games and take as many wins as you can. But the truth is, it can be really stressful sometimes…

Firstly, wherever you are planning to work on your own or with a boosting service provider, you should always establish trust with all parties. If you make an untrustable move at any point such as trying to steal the account you are supposed to boost or steal items from it, your reputation would just die and you would not be able to build it back again easily. So always be transparent and even take screenshots of the games you played and provide them to your booster service or client. 

Now that we have given you this important notice, let us move on with the other main challenges of ELO boosting. Here are some challenges:

Stressful games, you always need to win!: If your plan is to boost an account, what you have to do is simple: you just have to win! If you lose occasionally that would be fine but if you lose too much, it will take out the wins you get and the boosting process will transform to hell. Even if you are a very pro-level player, if you are not in the mood you might not be able to carry a game since all competitive games require full attention. So you will be very stressed in the moments of loss and this can even affect your daily life. But if you are someone who can control this stress well, this will not be a challenge for you.

Time Issue: Boosting an account takes time. Even if you need to boost a small tier difference, you need to play 2-3 games which can take hours. If you are making a huge boost, this can take days. And if you will not be able to control the stress you may encounter losses and this can turn into a vicious cycle. So know that the boost you are going to do will take a very long time and be prepared for this both mentally and physically.

Ping and Region: As a booster, sometimes you will not find accounts that need to be boosted near your region. So if you are in the EU, you might have to boost an account on US servers. Unfortunately, this just means more delay and higher latency rates. You might see 100-150ms which is normally close to an unplayable level. But if the account is very low-skilled, you can take the job and finish it successfully. Just note that you will always have the frustration of playing with high ping levels in all your games. 

How to Find a Good ELO Booster?

In general, ELO boosters work with booster services like boostingboss.com. So they rarely work individually. This is because booster services are more trustable and people just do not want to get banned due to simple mistakes. Not many booster services guarantee that your account will not get banned. So for a start, you might consider working with the boosting services who give these kinds of guarantees. Other than this, in some other bad situations, booster services can compensate you. Generally, an individual ELO booster might be cheaper but if you get banned or there comes an issue with your account he will not be able to help. Booster services have a support team just for these types of problems. Furthermore, you can surely work with individual boosters also but the key factor is that you need to work with someone who you can trust. 

As for the booster perspective, if you are planning to become a booster what we have stated above also counts for you. The clients will not trust you initially, so starting to work with a booster service might be a good solution for you.