Plastic Business Cards Look Shiny

“You look great again today!” One is pleased about such a comment, if it is really meant seriously. Maybe it’s just the sun that blurs your eyes on a summer’s day. Anyway, charisma is not just reserved for the sun or good-looking people.

Even plastic business cards look dazzling – or rather shiny! The cards radiate the receivers, so to speak. And if you are afraid that they will be dazzled by so much glamor? Then just choose a matte finish. Whether glossy or matt – in any case, the print image is protected from dirt by the transparent overlay. Pressed together by heat, the layers merge into one unit. A homogeneous thing. That makes you stand out positively!

What Is The Value Of Your Business Card?

Who does not know the business card made of paper? Actually intended as a recommendation that should emphasize the first impression positive. Unfortunately nowadays often devalued as exchangeable cheap product. The internet makes it possible. Where can I have business cards printed at the cheapest price – is that your quality standard as well?

Average, interchangeable, boring, inconspicuous – these attributes apply to many business cards. They are taken emotionless and land on the desk in the pile of business cards. The tower of business cards grows and grows – until it collapses and then either put away or disposed of. Your business card made of paper is in good company with other cards of this genre – in old paper or locked away in a drawer. What a pity…

Business Cards Made Of Plastic Or Paper

Business cards mostly consist of business card. Relatively stable when exposed to no stress test. For example, in the already mentioned business card stack – protected from other business cards at the top and bottom. Unfortunately also invisible and thus ineffective.

High time that the cards are shuffled and spent. Trumps stand – plastic is trump! Business cards made of plastic look noble, stand out from the crowd, stand out, are durable and robust, washable, outstanding. Unique business cards are much more valuable than simple business cards made of paper. They encourage the owner to keep the cards for a long time, to pick them up and look at them every now and then.

Cards with creases, cracks, dirt and stains – that was once. With a business card plastic card, the high-quality four-color print is protected under a glossy or matt foil. Stylish glamor at its best probably even impressed the nature-conscious recycled paper fan.

Transparent Business Cards

If so, because already … If already a special business card, then it should be a transparent card. Transparent business cards are something very special. They stand out because of the extraordinary material. These cards are logically printed on one side only. We produce these cards in UV printing, ie we do not compress transparent business cards under heat, but we print in high-quality UV offset printing on transparent PVC film – for the gloss of the UV varnish. If desired, the printed image is under laid with opaque white.

Personalized Business Cards For The Whole Crew

You belong to a larger company with many employees? Not only the management, but also the employees should come to enjoy their own plastic business cards?
Then there are personalized business cards that are produced without unnecessary extra effort. There is a basic layout, the individual names, functions and contact data of the employees are created in a database program such as Excel. We link the data for personalization with the basic layout and export the individual business cards for production. Of course, you will receive a proof in advance in order to check the print file before printing.

You and your employees look good and friendly? Then business cards with an image could be quite advantageous, because even pictures can be personalized. We would be happy to give you tips on how best to create and organize the data.

Plastic Business Cards With Many Extras

If you are not satisfied with the standard model of the upper class, you can choose additional extras. These are additionally printed on the plastic business cards. How about an exclusive metallic effect in gold or silver? Writing fields for signatures or scratch pads for special surprises? Coding with barcode or QR code is also a good way to enhance and make plastic business cards practical.