Impressing a man whether he is your dad, brother or partner could be a feeling of ambivalence at times! Yet based on an empirical survey, drawing the conclusion of their affinity on tech gadgets is genuine. From an electric trimmer to bluetooth speaker, a tech item of any genre is enough to startle them at any point of time! Therefore, kicking out the reactionary definition of gifting, refer to the roster, penned with some unique budget friendly tech gifts that will certainly blow their mind off! 

You can hit out to respective websites while fetching for these simultaneously peeping inside popular superstore coupons such as Walmart, Best Buy to pocket a rigorous discount such as 70% deduction using Walmart coupons or 60% off from Best Buy while hitting the button of payment. Hence, notch these uncommon gift hacks.

Top electronic gifts for men that won’t hurt your pocket

Here is the list, assimilated with both odd and stunning ones.

Bluetooth earbuds

No other way would be as weighed as music while badly in search of tranquility from regular fatigue! Music is the best medicine and nostrum as well to all artisans; while returning from an exhaustive working day or a nomad; travelling in the midst of a desert. Therefore, selecting a box of bluetooth earbuds could be a fabulous new generation gift for your man which is quite budget friendly too. You can choose this from any popular brand such as Philips, Sony, JBL etc.

Magnetic levitating speaker

If your boyfriend  is searching for an unconventional party decor hack for the rooftop party next week, then gift him a magnetic levitating speaker to leave his friend completely spellbound. Not only it’s just of a different look but is unique in terms of performance. And being completely magnetic the speaker starts floating in air just above the main device after getting activated. You can easily buy it from Amazon or another available e-commerce website.

Vibrant lighting bulbs

Men are always fascinated by versatile lighting and other home decor items of various types. Therefore, if you feel to surprise your partner quite differently in his coming b-day, choosing a magnetic levitating bulb or a touch sensitive bulb won’t be a bad idea. Both are of utter overwhelming appearance and performance, while the first one is controlled by a magnetic sensor the second one is purely touch sensitive. Take a fast glance to a popular website for getting a better view

Portable power bank kit

Whether working from home or working while travelling, being accompanied with a laptop or a wide screen tablet, even smartphone has become essential as per new definition of profession! Because, you may receive a text of certain projects without a notice! Therefore, while carrying a laptop you must be aware of the emergency power backup option too. That’s why a power bank kit which could be grabbed within $49 would carry out a heavy potential of unique gifting.

Thermal Mug

Embracing the start of a new day with smokey coffee and gentle breeze is another name of peaceful living. And if you wish to help your dad enjoy the first very cup of coffee for a longer period, get a thermal mug for him which holds the temperature for longer. If you incline for an impressive quality you can choose Ember. However, you can also customize it with his name.

 Polaroid cameras

Time is truly twirling! What flees aways again comes back after a certain gap draping in a new style. Let’s consider a Polaroid camera as an example which seemed outmoded few years back! And with the onset of Instagram, Facebook hype craze for instant photography, fervor behind it, is again germinating. Hence, a polaroid camera from Fujifilm or Kodak could be another new generation gift for your man.

Smartphone/ Portable Printers

Have you ever heard of a smartphone printer? Or a portable one? This tiny pocket printer showcases maximum innovation which prints retro quality pictures instantly, connecting via bluetooth device! And guess what! Neither it does not require batteries for being operated nor require any inserting method! Just connect via your smartphone bluetooth and that’s all. At this moment this is made by Fujifilm, HP, Lifeprint at just negligible cost, $30 onwards. So, what do you think–won’t it efficient to startle your man?

Order a smart notebook and light specs to surprise your son

Are you keen to boost a thunderbolt treat at your son’s 18 years birthday? Then you must pair a smart notebook along with a lightspec. Which perfectly tunes up with his nerdy personality. It’s better to be adhered with both these tech gifts if you’re are unaware. 

A smart notebook consists of 36 pages along with a touch pen that allows you to scribble, calculate. You can delete all the rough work done here but can store important points inside its storage device which can be transferred via wifi or USB port. In case of lightspec, which is a bit more distinct–where two tiny bulbs are plugged in to help at emergency need! Both of these are cost saving and utter helpful to nedry geeks or professionals

Flashlight Gloves

A flashlight glove could be a stunning and abstract gift for those who work in the field , namely mine engineers, trekkers or bike riders. Because, there are two flash light points knitted with the gloves which endows emergency support. For example,light up immediate areas while on a rock climbing trek. Therefore, pick a pair of these abstract tech items for your near dear man. You can see varieties of it at

Fitness foam roller and neck vibrator

Albeit, both are distinct in items of gateup but serve one same purpose that is to appease body releasing fatigue! While vibrating foam roller ameliorates from muscle strain, crap and enhances flexibility of the body, neck vibrator subsides headache and neck cramp with gentle massage. Therefore, you may choose the pair as a gift for upcoming father’s day. You may also choose it for a close friend who is suffering from neckache and body strain. 

Wide view monoculars

Does your man love bird watching? And each weekend one of his most passionate hobbies is scouting for new migratory birds, arriving at the big sanctuary with his age-old binoculars. Okay! Time has come to surprise him! Get a wide view monocular which is built with military grade optical glass, marvellous gaze resolution and fantastic wide angle aperture, enough to supplant old model binoculars handy only from $39! Trust me; he will be too stunned to utter even a single word after getting it as a gift! By the way, you may peep inside online sites like Amazon or Walmart for a suitable discount! Who can predict, yoo may win a big one!

Automatic pan stirrer

Tired of relentless complaints from your dear chef husband for not fixing the broken blender in the kitchen? Well, do one thing, get him an automatic pan stirrer from uncommon goods that comes with an automatic timer! Enough to make him calm! I mean. It’s quite easy to anticipate his finicky attention to the kitchen and all the equipment for being a suave chef! Let him lead the kitchen!

Smartphone controlled paper airplane

Would you like to surprise your 6 years old son with an abstract tech gift? Get him a smartphone/ app controlled paper airplane, which can fly nonstop for 10 mins at 25mph speed. This could be the most enthralling gift for him out of all. Let the app installed over your smartphone and switch it on and let his mind fly too as soon as the toy starts uplifting from the floor and taking smart air swerves. It’s quite cost effective as well.

Pocket weather station

If your boyfriend is a weather scientist or a researcher on meteorology, then opting for a pocket weather station would be the most fascinating gift for him overall. It’s not only easy to grip but very efficient in terms of performance as well. It keeps updating about instant weather, glae speed, atmospheric behaviour, temperature, moon phase etc. which is just impeccable for a person involved with these phenomena each single day. Thus, you can head out at amazon or any popular place to grab one of it.

Ubiquitous and most important, an electric trimmer

No one can deal with the biological development of the body. Hence, being hairy or having profuse body hair growth is a common body trait of man. Thus, grabbing an electronic trimmer for him would be the best and all time favourite gift as it falls under more necessity than luxury. Hence, buy a piece of it from Gillette, Dollar shave or Phillips or any popular brand.

So, glean relevant facts from the above discussion? I hope you’ve done! Thus, from next you  feel baffled regarding gifting your man, refer to the blog and pick one of these! Trust me; he will be overwhelmed! So, make him happy with tiny-winy surprises! You can always lean on top electronics sites or website coupons to fetch marvellous deals on budget! Keep cherishing special moments!