We all spend a decent amount of money to purchase Android devices. If you know how to choose, it would be a worthwhile investment too. At the least, it’s something you use every day — and, may be, every hour of the day. But, have you ever thought of earning money from your Android phone?

The next time you have some free time, you can use the time for making some real cash. We believe you are interested. In this article, we have covered some effective methods to earn money from your Android. While some are dedicated apps, there are some general methods too.

#1. Selling Your Photos

Do you have an Android device with a decent camera? Did you know that you can sell the photos you take? Well, you can do that via apps like EyeEm and Foap. These apps work quite simply. You just have to create a profile and upload the best photographs that you’ve taken using your Android phone. It’s all for showcasing your photography skills and attracting attention from brands and other talent seekers. If you capture better-than-average photographs, you have a high chance of earning some handsome amount via these apps.

#2. Google Opinion Rewards & Other Survey Apps

Play Store hosts some of the finest survey apps for Android. And, it may be a surprise to know that there is a survey app from Google as well. You heard us right, Google Opinion Rewards is one of the most effective ways to make money from your Android phones. It works by giving you an opportunity to answer surveys as well as to get paid for that. You have to install the app, sign up for it and wait for the Survey Available block of notification. Money is available as Google Play Credits. By the way, there are some other survey apps that give you real money, which can be transferred to your account.

#3. An Ardent Sports Fan? Here’s Your Take

What do you think about predicting the next game from your team and getting paid for that? Well, that’s a possible way to earn some money from your Android phone. There are many apps that let you predict final winner of the game and get paid for the precision. However, you need to choose the right one here and you may want to check out mobile betting apps reviews before you install an app. Some apps in the category also lets you live-stream the ongoing. You can make predictions amidst the game too. An impressive example for Sports betting is ESPN Streak for The Cash.

#4. By Installing Apps — AppCasher

There are certain apps that pay you for installing apps and checking out products. AppCacher is one of the most popular names in the category, with various methods for earning money. You can easily get money by installing and opening certain apps. And, there are two ways to withdraw money — either as real cash and by converting the credits into a Gift Card or something. You can also earn by recommending the app for your friends out there. It’s a valid option, after all.

#5. Get Money for Staying Healthy

Do you make fitness-based goals and achieve them on time? Well, if you’re one of those confident ones, you can check out some of the pact-based apps in Play Store and App Store. You are not going to thousands of dollars here, but there is an assurance of something around $1 for each pact. For fitness enthusiasts, it’s an awesome scene here. We mean, you’re already setting your high-end goals on different areas. And, it’s cool to get paid for that, right?

In each category, you can find a wide variety of apps. You have to choose the best one depending on what you’re looking for. Is there any other way to earn money from Android? Do let us know via comments.