Dissertation, you might have come across this term in your college days. This time is right handy in Digital Marketing as well; every digital marketer needs to write one.

Not everyone knows the meaning of every word in the English dictionary so; I’ll write a sense for you here – “Your research project is probably the most important assignment you will undertake while at university, and it is often a key indicator of your real capabilities as a student and researcher.”

If you’re still unknown to the term after I’ve told you a bit of it, Here’s StudySkills.soton.ac.uk describes it – A Digital Marketer needs to research the Task to accomplish it successfully. A dissertation can help him know more about the brand and its scope of improvement and can further work upon that.

So, without dragging it to some later extent, I’ll list out some points to keep in mind while writing a badass dissertation.

Plan, Research, Get into it

  • Plan

Make a routine of your writing timings and follow it accordingly. Never do your work in a hurry.

Plan, Research, Get into it

  • Research

It is the first and the most essential part of a dissertation which can reflect the quality of your job. The more time you spend on research, the better essay you produce, so, make sure you give yourself some time to research for some topic and be able to add up some extra information to your distraction.

  • Get into it

Get started with the writing part and let your work be finished in very less time.

Plan, research, get into it…

Attractive Headline with a Clear Objective

In a report, it was found that people don’t care to read the content if The headline is not attractive enough. Every time you have an authoritative content with you, Test it with some exciting headlines.


Do you use any headline A/B testing tool? Let us know about it through the comment section below.

Keep it Sweet, Short, Simple and Professional

Sweet, Short, Simple and Professional is the next part you’ll need to focus on after your research is done.

Crafting a Solid, grammatically correct content is your solution for this part. Use different parts of speech and develop a kind of interaction with your readers.

Tip – Take help from the notes and drafts you had made earlier and expanded them furthermore. Make sure you keep the central idea into your mind and don’t divert the topic.

4) Explain each point respectfully.

5) Make your rough draft. Elucidate it further

6) Ask simple questions in between your content.

7) Link out to higher authority sites with some relative content.

So now you know the main idea of writing a dissertation. Let’s move further.



  • Dissertation Research

Research is the first and the most crucial part of a dissertation. It will reflect the quality of your work. The more you research, the better thesis you produce. Make sure to give yourself ample amount of time to explore the topic more by reading from a variety of sources. Read all that is available about the topic you would cover. Research with a SOLID THESIS STATEMENT. Keep on making notes and rough drafts.

  • Dissertation Writing

Once your research is completed, you need to write it up. Craft a solid, grammar proof content and professional content. Feel free to write an original dissertation on the topic you have chosen. Use different parts of speech to develop interest among readers. Take help from the notes and drafts you made earlier. Expand them further. Be systematic and structured. Keep the central idea in your mind while writing. Don’t be off topic. Split the write-up into several paragraphs. The body shall contain arguments, explanation, and description of your problem. Divide each idea into a different section. Explain each point respectfully.

  • Dissertation Defense

This part plays a crucial role in your write up. You need to defend the thesis you wrote about. Make this part interesting, a well written one. Your defense will determine how well your dissertation is! So make sure to give ample amount of time to this section. Also, include a summary and conclusion at last.

Practical Tips to Write a Dissertation on Digital Marketing:

Effective Tips To Write A Dissertation On Digital Marketing

An excellent dissertation will have the following:

  • Clear objective based on the well-researched thesis;
  • Highly researched and well planned;
  • It will show how well grasped the concepts are;
  • Proper citation and references;
  • Well structured in a professional way;
  • Should show how well learned you are on the topic;

A weak or mediocre dissertation will have the following:

  • A very general or broad title;
  • Poorly planned;
  • Relied heavily on readymade material with no efforts of self-research;
  • Poorly structured;
  • Will have no references or citations to other’s work.