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A Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagram is a visual representation of any given project in the field of software engineering. A UML diagram represents the design, architecture, and implementation of complex software systems. Such representations come in handy for non-technical members of the project. In a software development cycle, some of the benefits of creating a UML diagram are:

  • Helps the engineering teams to navigate across different source code
  • Works as a bridge between technical and non-technical project members
  • Team members can plan out adding new features before starting on any project programming

As you can analyze from the benefits of the UML diagram, multiple team members work together to understand the project. These technical and non-technical team members will provide their inputs on different occasions, and the designer will have to modify the UML diagram accordingly. In order to ensure that the UML diagram is factually correct and adheres to the universal aspects of diagramming, team members are advised to go ahead with UML diagram software to work on complex diagrams.

What is EdrawMax?

EdrawMax is a powerful diagramming tool equipped with multiple features that assist beginners and experts in creating and sharing different UML diagrams. EdrawMax is a UML diagram software that offers flexibility, robustness, platform independence, and other important features. With the help of this UML diagram software, you can create different UML diagrams in a couple of minutes. Some of the most prominent UML diagrams that EdrawMax lets you work on are:

  • UML Class Diagram
  • UML Sequence Diagram
  • UML Activity Diagram
  • UML Component Diagram
  • UML Interaction Diagram;
  • And more

Key Features of EdrawMax

EdrawMax is considered one of the best diagramming tools for students and professionals alike. This free UML diagram software offers a magnitude of features and online support that comes in handy when someone is working on a complex UML diagram. For instance, EdrawMax has 25 million registered users using this tool to make 280+ diagrams.

Some of the most prominent features of using EdrawMax as your UML diagram tool are:

  • An all-in-one diagram software: EdrawMax is a powerhouse of features. From importing Visio format UML diagrams to exporting them in multiple formats, one can do a magnitude of things with this UML diagram tool. With this free UML diagram software, you are not limited to only software diagrams but can also create network diagrams, science diagrams, architecture diagrams, UI & UX diagrams, industrial diagrams, infographics, and more. Another amazing factor with this all-in-one diagramming tool is that it lets you export the UML diagram in VSDX format, ensuring you do not have to worry about file formats.
  • Enterprise-scale Security: UML diagrams consist of sensitive information about a software or application, and EdrawMax ensures that your data remains secure. With this UML diagram maker, you can sit back and relax regarding the safety and security of your designs. All the UML diagrams that are exported in EDDX format are fully encrypted with the enterprise-scale security system. In addition, EdrawMax uses the highest level of SSL certification, ensuring that your personal cloud data remains safe.
  • Beautiful built-in templates: EdrawMax has an amazing collection of beautiful templates designed by users and experts. The free UML diagram tool also comes with a template community, offering more than 1500 pre-built templates that are ready to use. Some of the most common UML diagram templates that are readily available at EdrawMax are the UML package diagram, UML diagram example, Sequence UML diagram, UML Use Case, and more. As a registered EdrawMax user, you can go ahead and access any of these UML diagram templates and customize them as per your requirements.

  • Online collaboration: With everyone workly remotely, enterprises are looking for affordable solutions that let the team members collaborate in real time. When working on a detailed diagram like UML, one can go ahead with EdrawMax’s online collaboration feature. Online collaboration is currently available at EdrawMax Online and offers real-time collaboration to team members. In addition to virtual collaborations, this free UML diagram software lets registered users easily access their remotely located designs.
  • Export as your wish: Once you are done creating the UML diagram, you would require to export it in different formats. In this UML diagram maker, you will find that there are several formats in which you can export your file, like Graphics, Windows, HTML, VSDX, PDF, SVG, and more. At the same time, EdrawMax lets you share the diagram via email.

Free UML Diagram Software

EdrawMax is a free UML diagram software that offers many features. However, if you want access to all the provided features, priority support, personal cloud access, and more, you will need to subscribe to a paid plan. As you can see, this UML diagram tool is completely free to use but also comes with a 7-day trial option that you can cancel anytime. Once you get on the paid subscription model, you will have a variety of more premium options, like:

  • Encrypting your UML designs
  • Capturing screen as and when it is required
  • Access to the entire ‘version history.’
  • Export files to VSDX format
  • 1 GB free cloud storage for premium users and 10 GB cloud storage for lifetime plan subscribers
  • Export in MS Word and other Microsoft formats;
  • And more

EdrawMax’s lifetime license is much more affordable than the competitor’s yearly license cost, making it convenient for students and enterprises.

Final Thoughts

With a well-designed UML diagram, a project team can visualize the flow before implementing it. With the right sets of actors, use case scenarios, and connectors, a project development team can reduce the pressure and errors they might face during the implementation process. These days, project managers are heavily relying on EdrawMax, which is free to use and offers features you cannot even find in some of the other premium tools. This UML diagram software offers free templates and symbols, online collaboration, and access to the template community that has user-generated templates for you to use and customize instantly.