People say an image is more powerful than thousands of words. In the corporate world, though, we need to make a few amends to that saying. In a world where we have to explain so many complex things to the commons every so often, we have to rely on diagrams. Diagrams bring the best world of images and text, as you may know. Even the most difficult concept could be easily understood if you know how to use the right diagram. But, making that right diagram can be a difficult task if you don’t have the right tool with you. Quite recently, however, we came across probably one of the best diagram makers ever — Edraw Max.

We thought of doing a quick review of Edraw Max so that you understand whether you need this diagram-maker software in your life. Our review would be pretty brief, covering the basics you need to know as well as our experience with Edraw Max.

An Introduction to Edraw Max

In the simplest terms, Edraw Max is a powerful diagram maker software. It is available for Windows as well as macOS and offers some of the most-sought features in the market. Since it’s a software made for business and personal needs alike, you will find a number of useful design elements. If you are designing a business-based flow chart, for instance, you don’t have to look anywhere for the required graphic elements. That is a really awesome way to represent concept and ideas in the shortest amount of time.

In spite of having almost every feature that we expect from a diagram-maker tool, Edraw Max has kept the power of intuitive design. You don’t have to worry about getting lost amidst a few toolbars or tabs. As it does turn out, every element of Edraw Max is based on minimalism.

Designing a Diagram with Edraw Max

By now, you should have understood how easy it is to create a diagram using Edraw Max. However, we will have a quick look at the User Interface and the whole process. Once you have installed and opened Edraw Max on your device, you can see a wizard for selecting the diagram. As you can see, there are thousands of options you can pick from. Even if you narrow down the selection to a sub-category, there are templates.

Every template you see in Edraw Max is completely customizable. So, if you don’t want to simply change the text and use the diagram, you can use the templates for inspiration as well. For instance, you can change the icons on a business card if you want a fresher look at the whole deal. On top of all these, the library of icons, graphics elements and more gets updated every once in a while.

And, when you are done with the whole design, you can use Edraw Max to export the same document into a variety of formats, including but not limited to PDF and Visio. That’s right: despite being one of those best Visio alternative diagram makers we have seen, Edraw Max allows you to convert your work into a format that works well with Visio. This should be a huge relief to your concerns regarding compatibility.

All things considered; it would be a great experience to create a diagram using Edraw Max. There are also a few advanced features like cloud-based sync. If you have Edraw Max installed on multiple devices, you can keep everything in sync by simply signing into the account. As far as the UI goes, at least, we would lovingly recommend Edraw Max to everyone.

Other Things We Loved

Edraw Max packs one of the best graphic element collections we’ve seen so far. Depending on the category of templates, the individual elements change, but the core idea is same. You would always have an apt set of icons and other shapes to use. Also, you can be creative and borrow elements from other categories as well.

Last but not least, we also loved how productive the program is.

The Bottom Line

Do we think Edraw Max is the best diagram maker? In every possible sense, we do. We believe the tool has a lot of potential when it comes to designing a business card, flow chart or something more complex. And, the fact that you can use this program for free seems quite awesome too.