The whitepaper is an important part of any business website, especially if the company is going to introduce a novel concept in the market. But the catch is whitepapers are structured in PDF files and the problem starts when you have to edit the file. We all know the lack of an efficient yet economical PDF editor in the market. While free ones are mostly incompetent, the more advanced ones can cost a small fortune. But not to worry anymore as Movavi PDF Editor has come to our rescue now.

Movavi is an internationally acclaimed software developer and it’s recently released PDF Editor is just the thing we have been looking for. On one hand it costs way less than expensive advanced PDF editors- on another it is able perform all the major editing functions you expect from a robust PDF editor. The post below offers a brief review on Movavi PDF Editor.

To start with, Movavi PDF Editor is a state of the art all-in-1 PDF editor that will allow you to open & read any kind of PDF file on your Windows and enjoy hassle-free editing. From brochures to scanned documents to forms, you can work with any kind of PDF file on the Movavi program window. Another great feature of the Movavi product is its ability to work with several documents in separate tabs. This way, you will be able to edit multiple PDF files at one go. Just imagine how much time you will save with Movavi PDF Editor!

Then, you can perform a number of editing functions with the Movavi PDF Editor. The Movavi software allows you to create new PDF documents on the basis of older ones by adding or deleting pages. Besides, you can use the software to fill out popular business forms and insert stamps and signatures on them.

Features of Movavi PDF Editor

  • Reads industry standard PDF files of any kind
  • Opens & displays images in PNG & JPG
  • Able to create new PDF files from older ones
  • Able to add PNG & JPG images to PDF files as well as rearrange them & change sizes
  • Able to save files of different formats in PDF format
  • Able to combine and store scans in one convenient PDF file

Useful tip for users

Do you need to send a part of your business PDF file to someone on email? You must be worrying that you will have to send the whole big PDF file now. Well, don’t worry as Movavi PDF Editor enables you to extract only the desired pages from a large PDF file so that you don’t have to send the whole big PDF file on email.