Businesses pay thousands of dollars to the marketing agencies to create content for their business yet they fail to capture organic visitors. Content is the best way to build authority in any competitive market but copied and valueless content is not going to the job. Content creators have been several different strategies to write content that can grab the attention of the target audience but EAT or E-A-T principle has become the hottest topic for some time.

Almost every marketing blog and marketing expert is now talking about the content that is created around EAT principle. Not only the readers, but Google also loves the content written around this revolutionary strategy. The days are gone when you could rank the content with keyword stuffing and other black-hat SEO strategies. At Edkent Media, marketers and content creators focus on content that adds value for the visitors. Creating content for business is not just about filling the blogs but about creating trust, authority and expertise.

What is EAT Principle?

E-A-T is the short form for expertise, authority, and trust. These factors are considered by Google and other search engines to determine the value of the business content for the target audience. Google places the user experience as the highest standard for ranking any content or business. If your content is not delivering the value as per the user’s intent, Google is not going to rank it any sooner. Edkent Media strictly follows the Google recommendation and content creation suggestion while creating content for the clients.

Business websites and domains with quality content are loved by both users and search engines so if you want sustainable ranking with safe methods, you need to create the content around EAT principle. There are several proven and safe ways to improve the EAT for your site with quality content and recommendations from other top and trusted sites like Yelp, Google my Business, and Trust Pilot.

Why is EAT Importance for SEO?

Every strategy implemented by Edkent Media experts is meant to boost the authority and ranking of the business sites of the clients. If the users don’t find your content to be useful for the solution of their certain problems, they will start looking around other websites. As more and more users start bouncing from your website, Google considers as the signal of lack of trust and authority.

While writing informational and promotional content, the aim should be to present you as an authority figure in the relevant industry. When your site starts offering trust and value, readers start looking forward to your site for decision-making. Influencing the decision of the visitors is a big success for the business websites and EAT principles ensure that. The recent upgrades in the Google algorithm are more focused on analyzing these three factors for ranking the site in the search results. If your content fails to meet the standards of content quality then both users and Google are going to reject your content strategies.

How to Improve E-A-T?

Sites with no EAT have seen major downfalls after the release of different ranking algorithms by Google. Whether your site has to EAT or not depends upon the behavior of the users who visited the site in a certain period. Did the users bounced from your site right after opening the page or did they go through the whole content on your site? Did they revisit your site? Did they look for other pages on your site? These are some common factors that are used by Google to determine whether your site has to EAT or not.

The best way to improve EAT is to produce content that follows the principle. If you have been failing to produce quality content, you can hire the services of professional marketers. Edkent Media content writers not only create content around EAT principles but all other effective strategies are also followed.

The other way is to get authority signals from famous websites like GMB, Trust Pilot, and Yelp. When users start recommending your site, Google considers this as an authority signal and your business eventually moves upward in the search results.

Let the Professional Help your Business

Opting for the wrong strategy for content creation can do more damage than good. Instead of copying content from competitors and producing content with no value, hire the services from experienced marketers and let the business boom beyond the boundaries. Edkent Media is the marketing partner that can unleash the true potential of SEO for your business.