The world of technology is rapidly evolving to the point where what might have been at the top a few years ago is no longer even useful today. When it comes to marketing, this evolution is particularly useful for businesses. The average person is readily connected to the world through the internet, smartphones and television. When used properly, these technologies can help you land new customers effortlessly. 

Read more to find out easy ways you can use modern technology to capture more business and customers.


It is no secret that the beginning of your business’s online journey starts with a website. However, many business owners overlook the fact that smartphone users have a big role to play here. Studies suggest that over 65% of modern consumers use a smartphone to connect to the internet. 

Many websites are just fine on a pc but are not optimised for mobile users. This would not just make you lose a lot of customers but also have a negative effect on your search rankings. Having a mobile-friendly and responsive website is the key to tapping into this customer base and making sure the search engine algorithms give you the brownie points needed to rank better online. 

Social Media 

Social media took over the internet by storm and the rage has not died down. No matter what your business size or goals, you can use social media to your advantage. It is a great tool to engage with existing customers and connect to potential ones. Surveys suggest that over 70% of adults on the internet use social media fairly often. 

Channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter provide ample opportunities for every business looking to grow online. Whether you want to let organic growth take its due time or want to speed things up with online advertising, social media can help you reach there. 

Responsive Applications

Customers these days get bombarded with information all the time, which means grabbing their attention and responding to their concerns is the most important aspect of all marketing tactics.

Quick response (QR) codes are a great tool for your marketing arsenal. Place them in magazines, newspapers or product packages to help your customers directly reach your website, products and payment methods. A quick and simple scan of the code is all that it takes for customers to become a part of your business’s ecosystem. 

Another tool that comes in handy for reaching your customers in the increasingly digital age is the text messaging automation system. With text messaging applications such as online SMS Australia, you can target your contact list with special offers, sales and other campaigns. Not only that, but you can also set auto-responders and a two-way communication system to manage the incoming messages from customers. 

Choosing a good online SMS portal can bring you great results. With attractive user interfaces, business-savvy features and powerful backend designs, these applications can help you achieve your marketing and promotional goals. 

Though many of these strategies take time and consistent effort to show results, it’s worth putting in the work, given the promising returns.