If you take a random look at the software world, you can find at least one hundred programs that supposedly recover lost data. However, if you were to trust most of them, you’d end up losing your time and effort. It’s with some bit of generalization that we say this: majority of data recovery software for Windows you would find are crap. They either take hours for recovery process or don’t recover at all.

To be frank, finalizing acapable, easy-to-use and professional-quality Windows data recovery tool has been a Herculean task indeed. I mean, you never know what are the features you’ll actually get. It’s at the same time that Stellar Phoenix brings a wonderful data recovery utility for Windows — Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery.

We have used the macOS version of Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery tool before; it was exciting to get hands on the Windows counterpart, as a matter of fact. After using the piece of software for around a week, trying to recover lost, deleted and corrupted data, here is our review of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery. We’ve tried to keep it clean and quick, while actually trying to cover as many aspects as possible.

Before We Cut to The Chase — Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

For those who are new into this whole deal of data recovery, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery allows you to recover files and folders you have deleted/lost from your storage devices. To take an example, think that you deleted an important media file from your memory card. Using this program, you have a high chance of recovering the same file — almost intact. Sounds great? There is more.

As you can understand from the name, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is available for Windows PCs and it works on all devices running XP and later. You are recommended to have 1GB of RAM and 50MB data storage space. There are both free and paid versions of the program, according to the freemium structure. In case you’re still wondering, this data recovery has won awards from PC Mag and Tom’s Guide.

We hope our introduction to Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery was quite satisfactory.

Installation and First Use

There is a reason why Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is recommended as the best user-friendly and well-designed data recovery software in the market: its awesome UI. It doesn’t really matter if you are just getting started with data recovery or if it’s your 100th data recovery attempt; Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery would feel the same.

It does not mean that the software is throttling features. If you have some experience, you can always have a look under the hood and tweak some features. Deep Scan is a great feature when you want to recover data from corrupted storage devices like a USB Drive or Hard Drive. Also, there are additional options to recover data from Smartphones as well, which comes in handy if there was a backlash.

In short, don’t think about your technical knowledge or experience when it comes to buying Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery. It WILL help you recover data.

Features Worth Praising

At its core, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a standard data-recovery software that can get basics done. However, it has furnished the features very well that we wanted to mention them. So, here you go:

  • Compared to the other, minimal data recovery software we’ve seen, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery offers better file compatibility. From Music to Movies and from Word Documents to some XML files, this program can help you recover literally anything.
  • Scan and Preview feature of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery make sure that you recover the files you really want. The UI for file recovery structure is also worth point out.

  • Light footprint and minimal resource consumption are two things we loved in the program. No matter how big the to-be-recovered files are, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery will work like a charm.

We believe these features can add value to the entire data recovery process, especially when you’re in hurry.

The Bottom Line on Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

It took us just a few minutes to download, install and recover some heavy sample data using Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery. It proves nothing but the fact that the program is user-oriented can offer a simpler experience of reclaiming lost, deleted or corrupted data from your storage space. And, in light of our time with Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery, we’d say that it works with almost every device too.