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Websites – Simplifying Spell Check, Sentence Correction and Proofreading Online – Simplifying Spell Check, Sentence Correction and Proofreading Online

Clear channels of communication can only be totally achieved by having good language conveyance. This is of high importance mostly in the business, school, or any professional setting. A professional level of writing cannot be easily achieved by using automated grammar or spelling checkers. Note that the human brain can never be replaced by any automated proofreading technology.

At, we do not rely on automated checkers. Each email that we receive is corrected personally and carefully by our language experts.We believe that countries, languages, and different abilities should never constitute barriers for having accurate correspondence.

What does

We exist to give excellent service in terms of online spell check, sentence correction, and proofreading online. With just one click, your email will be sent to one of our email angels to be corrected for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and proper word usage. Our editors not only translate, but literally correct your email to let you know where you made a mistake and what part needs improvement. We do this so that our clients will also learn as they ask for our service. We accept and correct emails written in Spanish, French, Hebrew, German, and English. Whether you need it for business or private use, we can guarantee excellent service for you!

How much does a service cost?

If you want to know how much our service costs, then on the perfect page! We provide superb service at an affordable cost! Our pricing model actually adapts to your needs. Clients pay according to the number of corrections and number of words in the text they send.

Here’s a glimpse of our low cost subscription plans! For upto five emails or fifty words, we include this in our free trial. You can avail of this for $0. Yes! It’s for free! We have a Basic Plan which costs $5 per month. In this plan, 1785 angel units correspond to 1785 reviewed words and 830 corrected characters. You can also avail of our Advanced Plan for only $14 per month. Under this plan, 5385 angel units correspond to 5385 reviewed words or 2415 corrected characters. Lastly, we have a Pro Plan that costs $34 per month. This covers 14,165 reviewed words or 6070 corrected characters.

With, you can be confident that your text privacy is always secured and treated with much importance. When it comes to a reliable, cost-effective, and excellent proofreading online service, online spell check, or sentence correction, trust only the expert! Try now!

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