BEIJING – DVDFab has revealed one of their most exciting software to date- Video Enhancer AI. Now users can enhance the quality of older low resolution videos. Videos and movies with poor image quality are automatically enhanced through AI models that are trained through a neural network, along with ground-breaking super-resolution technology.

Users who have filmed videos on older shooting equipment can now enhance these. Lower resolution videos that need to be displayed on a larger screen can also be improved for a better viewing experience. Worth mentioning is that through combining AI technology with the powerful computing power of graphics cards, the quality of old videos and movies can be enlarged to a resolution of up to 4K. We also use super resolution technology to predict the missing pixels through a neural network. With the applications of these technologies, your photos and videos enhanced by DVDFab enhancer AI are even clearer and higher than the original ones.

Video Enhancer AI is an excellent tool because aside from its main feature of boosting resolution and image quality, it also simultaneously boosts saturation and brightness of images, as well as decreasing blurring and noise. Having been applied to thousands of videos, DVDFab has released powerful video enhancer tool for customers now. Do you have low quality videos taken on older mobile that need to be improved? DVDFab Video Enhancer AI can help you.

This leading software is exceptional in that it uses a highly trained neural network  to predict missing pixels in a video’s image and through that enlarge the resolution of videos. This super-resolution technology then upscales the video image losslessly. Through this intelligent feature, users can experience fantastic results that result in clearer and higher resolution than the original.

Noteworthy is Video Enhancer AI’s amazing ability to continuously learn through GPU based machine learning, deep learning and computer vision. Users can improve image quality and achieve higher image fidelity with extreme efficiency.

Of particular interest and worth mentioning is that the AI models used to enhance video images have been applied to and trained through millions of videos, movies and TV shows using neural networks. This means that while the software is already excellent at improving video quality, it can also only improve over time. Through daily use, the neural networks improve allowing them to render even better videos. What starts of as exceptional quality can only be advanced.

Additionally, the software is fully automatic and AI powered so that users do not have to configure any settings at all. All they have to is select the video to enhance and let the software do the rest. Just try it.

Aside from Video Enhancer AI, DVDFab also has some other excellent video and photo tools that can help users make the most of video and image enhancement. DVDFab enlarger AI and Photo Enhancer AI are two useful and functional tools for customers.

DVDFab Enlarger AI can enlarge videos of all formats from as low as 480p up to 1080p. It can also enlarge videos from 1080p to stunning 4K quality. Video makers who have filmed videos with a smaller resolution and need to display them on a larger screen can now do so. Using the super-resolution technology, it can be regarded as the world’s 1st complete, deep learning capable video up-scaling solution.

Additionally, Photo Enhancer AI is a great option for those who need to adjust color, brightness, contrast and sharpness rendering DSLR-quality images. Users can upscale any image to up to 40 times the original size, and simultaneously remove noise or sharpen blurry photos. It is the ultimate tool for making your photos look better.

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