The basic agenda of MAC DVD copy software is that to be able to remove the copy protection that is found on most of the available disks that a person buys. DVDFab has been loaded with advanced level algorithms that break through these encryptions. This enables them to get themselves free from any kind of duplication. DVDFab DVD copy for MAC has the ability to strike the most important balance between raw utility and simplicity with the best type of precision.

The MAC DVD copy software allows the user to remove all the copy protections, which are known yet. It guarantees burning the DVD’s with precision, quirkiness and ease. The software provides the user with a variety of options such as ripping, copying and compressing DVD’s content. The main option is the ability that it is accustomed with to burn a DVD keeping the originality intact.


The duplication process isn’t very complicated. Though for a first time user the advanced level of operations might be a hindrance. Simple steps could be followed to do the process of duplication-

  1. Insert the disk to be copied.
  2. Selection of content to be copied. It can be partial as well as the entire content.
  3. DVDFab will automatically start scanning the file. It might take time depending on the size of the file.
  4. Insert a blank DVD into your DVD drive.
  5. The DVDFab DVD copy for MAC will automatically burn your new disk within a matter of 15-20 minutes.

The major problem faced by DVD copy software is the storage problem. DVDFab DVD copy for MAC has options to solve this problem as well. While copying a DVD, DVDFab will not copy the special features, menus and various other extraneous materials, though it won’t tamper the originality or quality of the movie. But if one wants to keep these features DVDFab provides an option to compress such files. It might end with losing out on the quality but the originality will be intact. DVDFab allows the user to actually copy only a part of the DVD as well rather than the entire movie.


While it burns the DVD’s it also has the ability to rip the files off from a DVD. They can be stored on one’s hard drive and thus can be watched later on as well. It also provides the option to convert the DVD into various playable formats available on various MAC devices.

It is but natural for a person to think that using and learning the software will be an arduous task. Surprisingly the user interface is quite user friendly and simple. Few easy steps mentioned above can be followed.

For the software a user must have 512 MB RAM or above in their computer, 20 GB free hard disk, internet connection, DVD drive and a MAC OS v10.6+ .

It is a magnificent software for the MAC systems. It has a user friendly interface, quicker burning and copying ability with various additional features.