A drone also called an unmanned aerial vehicle, is just one type of remote-controlled aircraft. It can be used for various purposes such as transportation, and it has now become popular because of its low cost, versatility, and convenience. With their onboard cameras, these drones take HD quality pictures and videos from different angles, which are then processed by drone mapping software.

What is Drone Mapping Used For?

Drone mapping involves a drone that flies with a camera at the height of 10-50 meters. Using GPS positioning data ensures that the drone stays on course. Then, when arriving at the control points (marked coordinates), it will hover over this point and take images from different angles to show the drone and the surroundings at a very high resolution. This way, it is possible to create 3D models and point clouds of the environment that can be used for different purposes.

The drone has an autopilot feature that will allow it to return to its starting position or head towards another set control point if several points have to be photographed in a certain order.

Drones are used because of their high maneuverability and low price, making it possible for mapping companies to use drone mapping instead of traditional methods such as making a 3D model from aerial images or laser scanning.

Mapping drones capture high-resolution pictures from any height and angle required to get the job done. In some cases, it may be too dangerous or expensive to send people into a situation where drone mapping is helpful, so this technology is vital in those situations.

This drone mapping also provides an efficient way to capture images of large areas by covering much more ground than any other mapping technique. The drone requires minimal supervision and can fly autonomously, ensuring it gets the job done efficiently with no room for error.

The drone can be equipped with different kinds of drone mapping systems specially designed for other purposes. When the drone is equipped with a drone mapping system, it can image building interiors, buildings under construction, or even archaeological sites. The drone mapping system consists of an onboard computer that captures images and coordinates laser measurements between two or more drones.

The drone can also be outfitted with drone mapping technology to increase its safety. In this case, it can be equipped with an emergency parachute that will automatically deploy if the drone is ever in any danger of crashing. The drone mapping system includes a high-precision GPS and a more accurate inertial measurement unit that keeps track of the drone’s location during the flight and makes sure the drone is flying level at all times.

The Industries Where Drone Mappings Used and How It Helps Resolve Challenges in the Industry

The vast majority of drone mapping is done to gather geospatial data. Drone mapping can be used for a lot of things, including but not limited to search and rescue, security surveillance, environmental conservation, construction progress monitoring, fire attack support, and many other purposes. Below are some uses of drone mapping.

Construction Progress Monitoring

Surveyors use drone mapping to document construction progress, structural changes, and material quantities on worksites. This is particularly essential for large-scale or complex projects where change orders can be frequent or when discrepancies need to be resolved between the drone mapped site and the plan.

 Search and Rescue Operations

Whether a drone mapping company is working with law enforcement, fire/rescue, or a commercial drone startup, data gathering will be an integral part of drone mapping efforts under such circumstances. Drones can be equipped with thermal cameras that allow users to see heat signatures through drone mapping. The drone works in the dark and can take pictures of areas that are otherwise inaccessible or unsafe to reach.

 Conservation and Environmental Protection

Drones can be equipped with various sensors that help drone service providers gather drone mapping data to analyze air, soil, and water quality. For example, drone mapping can be used to detect oil spills, water pollution, or deforestation.

 Insurance Claims Determinations

Insurance companies are increasingly turning toward drone mapping as a solution for drone imaging services that help determine the extent of damage to property after a crash or natural disaster. Companies like Parrot SA – the French drone manufacturer and Precision Hawk, drone mapping service providers in Raleigh, North Carolina, provide drone mapping and image analysis services to insurance companies and agriculture firms.

 Real Estate and Land Surveying

The two major tasks of drone mapping used for real estate purposes are drone mapping of land for subdivision purposes and drone mapping of existing structures to help with insurance claims. Another drone mapping use case includes drone mapping assets on commercial properties, which can be used by an engineer who plans on retrofitting the structure, for example.

 Law Enforcement and Public Safety

Public safety drone service providers are increasing their drone mapping efforts to detect drone crash sites for post-crash drone mapping analysis of drone crash site data. Law enforcement drone service providers use drone mapping to help with investigations, crime scene documentation, and search operations where drone imaging is considered the best solution.

For example, drone mapping can be used by law enforcement drone service providers to scan outdoor areas such as wooded or unstructured terrain, where drone mapping can be used to determine if a drone has crashed.

Infrastructure Inspection and Management

Public drone service providers are increasingly being called upon by municipalities, utilities, and public works departments for drone mapping of infrastructures. Some of the projects involved are railway tracks, water towers, and power lines.

 Real-Time Data and Video Streaming

Drone mapping is used for real-time data collection and video streaming which drone mapping companies are collaborating with drone mapping agencies in places like Australia. This drone mapping drone service use case is helping drone service providers meet the growing demand for high-quality drone imaging services to provide actual-time drone mapping data drone service providers to drone mapping agencies.

In today’s world, drone mapping is essential when upgrading or changing a manufacturing facility. It is also the best way to keep track of any changes in terms of productivity and layout. Map out your company’s facility using drone technology and inspect it from a bird’s-eye view.