YouTube has definitely changed the way we have been consuming videos. The gaming walkthroughs to funny videos to cooking tutorials or even the tech solutions – there is no area that has remained untouched by YouTube today. While it has everything that a video fan would want to do except for one crucial option – the ability to download videos from YouTube.

Why is a YouTube video Downloader needed?

YouTube does not let you download any of its videos for local consumption. The sole reason here is the way the platform has been built on. The video makers and YouTube in itself earn money through ads and similar monetisation options offered on the platform.

However, there are scenarios that you would want to download a content for local media consumption. If you do not have any issues with respect to using a third-party tool, downloading a YouTube video should be a huge concern. As long as you do not put the downloaded videos to some commercial usage, there is practically no harm in using a YouTube video downloader.

Vidus YouTube Video Downloader – An Overview

Vidus YouTube Downloader is one of the prime and prominent options for an enhanced and improved experience when it comes to enjoying the best content on your local machine. In essence, it is one of the extremely straight forward and simple tool that does exactly what it claims to.

The easy to use interface and no need for any other requirements of having to work with the software are a few factors that would make it one of the most substantial factors that have been rated to be a more robust option for most of your needs. Simply install the software on your device, pick the video you want to download, and that does it. No payments, no further strings attached or no hassles of any nature.

Of course, if you are looking for a few additional features, you can opt for the premium version that comes with a price.

Vidus YouTube Downloader| A Proven Fast YouTube Video Downloader

The Vidus YouTube Video Downloader can be easily downloaded just the way you would install any other software on your computer. Visit the official site to download the installation file and install the software.

Once you have installed the software, follow the steps here t download your videos –

Step 1 – Launch the software

Having installed the Vidus YouTube Downloader, launch it and you will find several ways to pick the video you want to download. You can either click on the Paste URL option to paste the video URL you want to download or enter the video URL in the main interface on the right.

Step 2 – Choose the download option.

As soon as the video begins to play in the software interface, you should notice the Download Arrow on the left side of the interface. Click on it to access to the customisation options for your output video.

Step 3 – Customise the video

Customise the video resolution you want to download the video in. Once that done, you can simply click on Download.

That does it. Sit back and relax.

The video will be downloaded onto your device.

You can customise and specify the output directory for the video and audio files depending on your preferences. This can be done by clicking on the Menu options on the top right end of the software.

Once you are in settings, you can simply make configure your directories for audio and video files. If you so desire, you can even leave them at the default values. You can even configure other default settings on this page.

The features offered by Vidus Video Downloader

While Vidus Video Downloader has been an excellent tool for your requirements in an enhanced experience in video downloading.

Some of the worth mentioning features include

  • Support for a vast number of video sharing sites

The Video downloader is not designed only for YouTube. It does work efficiently and effectively in handling practically each of the video sharing sites you may be looking ahead to. It can download videos from more than 1000 sites. Some worthy mentions include Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram and many more.

  • YouTube to MP3 Downloader

Vidus Video Downloader provides you access the options to extract audio from any video. You can easily download the audio from a video in a seamless functionality. You need not worry about the audio clarity or converting it afterwards.

  • Batch Download

You do not need to download videos one by one. You can simply list out the video URLs line by line, and you are good to go. You can even upload a .txt file that contains multiple URLs from which you want to download your videos from. There is practically no limit on the number of files you can download.

  • High-speed download options

The videos are downloaded in an enhanced manner and offer a high degree of performance when compared to the online counterparts. You can download any of the videos at high speed without any sort of limits or issues.

  • A very high-quality download

You have access to an enhanced and huge capability for downloading YouTube to MP3 or YouTube to MP4 videos. The videos can be downloaded in 360p or even 720p. You can achieve the high-end options such as 1080p, or even up to 8K resolution. As for audio file downloads, you can download audio files from 96 kbps to 320 kbps. You can enjoy your videos and audio files in high quality.

The Pros and Cons

The subscription plans offered by Vidus Video Downloader are quite affordable and worth the cost. You can either opt for a single license or go with a five license package. Moreover, the licenses can be availed on the basis of a one-year subscription, or you can opt for a lifetime license.

The single license is made available on a single Windows PC. The five license package can come with multiple licenses for working with five devices. The best part is that these devices can either be Mac or Windows. The 30-day money back guarantee offered on the platform can be one of the excellent options.

The Closing Thoughts

The idea behind Vidus Video Downloader and the working function of the tool has been one of the excellent options for achieving huge standards in downloading your videos effectively and efficiently. A very reasonably new tool, it has indeed been one of the excellent choices ever for almost all your expectations.

We did not find any serious issues with the software, and we indeed found it immensely rewarding for almost each of your expectations. Download your videos for free and enjoy the videos without any need for going online.

Not just that, if you download YouTube videos with Vidus as MP3 audio format, what if you would like to convert the audio files into other formats like M4A, MKA, FLAC? Vidus YouTube Converter might be a good choice to convert YouTube into the most mainstream formats you’d like.